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Default 05-30-2010, 11:09 AM

Hi, thanks for the guide allan, I followed it and it worked for me... well mostly. The problem I have is I cannot properly copy osx from the flash drive to the hdd.

Like DDust I just just wanted osx and xp so I just created an extra partition of 40GB.

Also, DDust you might like to know I kept the Dell Restore Parition, so can confirm you can do this. If you want to keep this though you should first backup the MBR partition. You would have to then restore this partition should you ever want to access your Dell restore parition. I hope that makes sense.

Anyway to copy OSX from the flash drive to the hdd, I just booted into the GParted flash disk used for paritioning, opened a terminal window and then typed the copy commands as in the guide. HOWEVER this did not work properly because when view disk information in OSX it says the free space is only 5gb whilst the capacity is 40gb and the used space is 10gb. Is this what you have expericenced?

I am yet to try clonezilla, that is my next step, however what other ways are there to copy the fs over?

Side note for DDust:
I have got that boot error after trying to boot an empty hfs parition. I suspect you may also get it if you have not set up chameleon and just boot from the hdd. one thing to note, after you have set up chameleon you must set the osx partition to have the 'boot' flag.
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