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Default 03-21-2013, 03:07 PM

Have recently installed the May 13 Chromium OS on my Dell Mini 9 (2gb ram, 32GB SSD) to boot from USB drive it seems to boot fine and wifi connects fine.

I have 2 issues I need to solve though and because, while I am a Windows PC expert (retired top HP tech agent), I am deer in the headlights with linux. So as you give me help if you will, be gentle with me and instruct me making no assumptions that I know anything about android OS's.

1) Aparently Chromium comes with its own specialized version of adobe flash player called pepperflash. It is supposed to be enabled by default in general for a Chromium installation. In my installation it shows "disabled" and when you go to plugins to enable it, flash is not even listed.

2) (and this 2nd issue has been limiting my ability to troubleshoot item 1) Because Android Market has been transitioned to Google Play in the Chromium OS, the only app installer is through Google Play and you cannot open or install and .apk files. There are .apk installers available through Google Play but my Dell Mini 9 is not detected as a supported device and Google Play help files state that if your device is not in the supported list you are out of luck.

Any help on these issues would be greatly appreciated.

I have one other issue that I may need help with as well. . . my 32gb Kingston mini PCIe SSD drive has slowed down to a crawl. It took 24hrs to install XP!!!
If I boot from the USB Chromium OS system performance is normal and fast. If I boot from the SSD it is the speed of my old 1985 circa Commodore 128. I dont get it and I dont know of any bootable utility that can reliably test an SSD.

Thanks ahead of time

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