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walkthisworld 05-14-2012 02:33 PM

Dell 5530 HSPA WWAN Module
I have for sale 1 Dell 5530 HSPA WWAN module. It's actually labeled as an Ericsson KM266 (p/n CN-DKM266-74722-89D-37EB). I remember that it has an unlocked firmware on it, but I can't find any record I had of exactly what firmware version that was. My Mini9 does NOT have the WWAN PCI-e connector soldered on the mainboard; I was going to attempt to modify it once, but lost my nerve! :o

I do also have a Mini PCI-e to USB adapter with a SIM slot and 2 antenna pigtail wires and was able to make the GPS work with that but never had a data plan to try the rest out.

I'm asking $25 for it, shipped (money sent via PayPal). PM w/ offers. P.S. I have an unactivated T-Mobile USA SIM from a phone that went in the trash that I can throw in. Maybe it'll save someone a few bucks if they want to pick up a TM-USA data plan.

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