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Default 06-26-2009, 10:12 PM

I am an early adopter of the dell mini 9. I sent the invoice order on late October, just missed the 4GB partition error, regardless how much harddrive space you have. (8GB or 16GB, it'll show i would have 4GB only) Dell fixed this error before i got mines.

I had the dell's ubuntu 8.04 with the Low Power Intel Architecture. I had Bios A00.

I had an odd battery problem on to this similar situation too.

I was at the coffee shop and someone tripped over my power cord very hard. The AC adapter cord flew out, along with the plugin into my dell mini 9. As I put the plug back into the power socket and use the outlet to plug it in my dell mini 9. 80% of the time, it wouldn't change. 20% of the time it would charge.
I had done this many times, through trial and errors. unplugging everything and plugging back it. The battery would not charge.

I've called dell and after talking endlessly for an hour, with many stupid trial and errors of "trying to diagnose everything with the unplug method" they sent me a new adapter.

When it came in the mail. it was quite different from the dell mini 9. it was more arounder. I looked up the dell mini 10 model and it looks like the exact some AC adapter that dell has sent me. So, I have a dell mini 10 AC adapter.

Anyways, when i plug in my new adapter. It charged!!! when power was low and i plugged it in to charge. It shows a light indicator that it wants to charge! when the battery is full, it shows i have the battery icon is by power by the AC adapter.

Ironically when I first read this post. The same exact problem happen to me again.
As of right now. I am using the official Ubuntu 9.04 netbook remix from Canonical, with Bios A05.
when the battery is full, it doesn't want to charge. even when the battery is empty. It wouldn't charge! This is very frustrating when i am doing some homework, and my battery power is out and when i plug it in, It doesn't charge when i need it the most.

I bought this dell mini 9 back home and i used my old AC Adapter that came with my computer, which I thought it was broken. actually it is not, it actually charged with it. I find that very odd. I guess the old AC adapter wasn't broke at all, it charged with it.

When i plugged it for 10 minutes. and plugged back in, it didn't show any light indicators that it is charging.

when i used the new AC adapter of the dell mini 10 model, which dell has sent me. It charged the battery.

and it did it again regardless of which AC adapter model. it charges when it wants to charge.

I even took out the battery and have it power on by AC adapter alone.
My dell mini 9 didnt want to power on!

This AC adapter and charging the battery has a mind of its own!

After calling dell and talking to them from over an hour. They have sent me the dispatch box to mail them. they said they will change the motherboard, give me a new AC adapter and a new battery. I hope they will change the power port too!

So regardless about this title post of this thread. I don't think it is the BIOS version at all! I still had the same problem with the bios version A00 and A05.

It has to be something from the AC adapter to the power port that is plugged in, or to the power port reciever to the reciever that is charging the battery inside of the dell mini 9. It could be the battery itself.

but i believe it has to be the internal problem. because just like i have mention before. When i took out the battery and tried to power it on by the AC adapter alone. it wouldn't turn on.
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Default Battery WOn't Charge - 06-28-2009, 11:54 PM

Same problem. When batery is finished charging it switches to battery only mode and starts to run down the battery even though A/C is plugged in.

Only way to get battery to charge ii to boot the machine on A/C only without battery installed then install battery after booting.

Wokrs Ok with a 12V adaptor in the car.

Don't won't to loose my machine so I'll wait until a fix comes out.



Mini9 16GB SSD, 2GB RAM, AO4.
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