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billybanana billybanana is offline
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Default Re: Dell Mini Shortages? - 10-07-2008, 08:22 PM

Dell web site is advising the mini is Sold Out here in Australia such is the demand.
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fenixconnektion fenixconnektion is offline
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Default Re: Dell Mini Shortages? - 10-07-2008, 08:47 PM

Hi everyone.

Ordered my Mini on 9/13.
ESD pushed back three times, now to 10/13.
EDD now 10/16-10/20.

Just got off the call with three separate Dell customer service agents. They assured me that Adobe Reader 9.0 was not the problem why my order was still in the "In Production - Build" stage. One customer service agent told me that their stock of 16GB SSD drives were backordered, and that's why my order has been delayed thus far. I sure hope that this Adobe 9.0 thing doesn't come back and bite me in the butt later on. I've been waiting patiently for so long already!
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bosipipes bosipipes is offline
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Default Re: Dell Mini Shortages? - 10-08-2008, 01:38 AM

Ordered mine on 9/15 has been pushed back twice as of today. new ship date is 10/13 They tell me there should not be any more delays.
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jbloodwo jbloodwo is offline
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Default Re: Dell Mini Shortages? - 10-08-2008, 02:34 AM

I hope dell was at lest nice enough to set aside the ubuntu preorder hardware.....

I really dont want mine to get here after November 1.

Dell vostro 1400
Dell Mini 9 8 gig ssd 1 gig ram .3mp cam
powerbook G4 ( needs to be refreshed still on 10.4)
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Dylan Bennett Dylan Bennett is offline
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Default Re: Dell Mini Shortages? - 10-08-2008, 04:13 AM

I ordered my Mini on 9/5. The options I ordered were XP Home, 1.3mp webcam, Blutetooth, black Timbuktu bag, 1-year accidental damage protection, and black finish.

I just checked the website today and now they aren't even offering the webcam anymore as an option for the laptop. I wonder if it's the webcam component as well that's causing all the delays. I also noticed they don't offer the accidental damage protection warranty option anymore.

My order has been delayed 3 times and is now has a ship date of 10/13, which of course I don't believe in the slightest. I have now come to expect the e-mail every Monday telling me my order has been delayed again for another week. The least they could do is bump up my shipping option to overnight shipping, just as a courtesy for, you know, not actually being able to ship a product they are offering for sale. Unfortunately, when I asked Dell about doing that, they said I would have to cancel and re-place the order. No way that's going to happen, especially now that they aren't even offering the webcam or the accidental damage protection anymore.

I think they really jumped the gun on this laptop. Every day I'm closer to canceling my order.
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jej.514 jej.514 is offline
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Default Re: Dell Mini Shortages? - 10-08-2008, 11:22 AM

My Mini order is still in with Dell, scheduled to ship on 10/23. (It was delayed after the Adobe fiasco; original order on 9/11.)

I ordered an Acer Aspire One (XP, 160GB, 6 cell batter, $399) last night. I've got a 30-day return window on the Acer. If I really like it, I'll cancel the Dell order and just be done with them. If I think I'll prefer the Dell, I'll wait for it to come and decide.

Dell has royally dropped the ball on this one. And you know what? I understand problems and errors and what not. It is the complete lack of information and honesty and helpfulness after they mess up our orders that really bugs me.

Mini 9 | Black | 32GB RunCore SSD | 2GB RAM | .3MP cam
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Jazz1 Jazz1 is offline
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Default Re: Dell Mini Shortages? - 10-08-2008, 11:49 AM

Originally Posted by Miss_Ellen
Yeah, Dell has a very good reputation for just canceling orders without notice. I've had that happen to me in the past with 2 Dimension desktops. They wouldn't send them to a shipping address different than my billing - even after my credit card was authorized and approved. They did that TWICE after I was forced to re-submit the same order.

With me, it's kind of a love/hate relationship with Dell. I love the products, but more-so, I HATE the way they do business with their customers...
I had a similar experience about a year ago. I ordered a DSLR body and they kept on canceling it for no reason I could ever discover. It was shipping to my work address that I had used before for Dell order delivery. There was no charge card issue. I even had ordered it to begin with over the phone. The frosting on the cake was when I saw the DHL delivery guy come up the sidewalk he dropped it on the brick pavement!

I've got a Mini 9 on order, but I don't believe the ship date one bit. I check twice a day to see if Dell had dropped the ball. Not much I can do about re: my DSLR ordering experience. Hey at least i have two Timbuk2 Mini 9 bag/sleeve on time
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acabtp acabtp is offline
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Default Re: Dell Mini Shortages? - 10-08-2008, 02:07 PM

9/16 16gb, 1gb, xp, bt, 1.3 webcam mini ordered
10/7 estimated ship date
9/29 shipped
9/30 delivery
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Matt-Helm Matt-Helm is offline
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Default Re: Dell Mini Shortages? - 10-08-2008, 03:26 PM

I ordered mine on 9/26 with a shipping date of 10/17.

I just called and i'm in the boxing stage. So maybe i'll get mine early?

*fingers crossed*
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quart quart is offline
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Default Re: Dell Mini Shortages? - 10-08-2008, 04:15 PM

I wouldn't say I have anyone necessarily beat, but my level of frustration is up there.... I order my white,16G, WinXp, BT and 1.3MP camera equipped mini on 9/4 at 11:00am (day they showed up on US Website). In 9/23 I received my mini however DHL had done something in shipping to damage it and the screen got cracked. I immediately called Dell and they gave me an order # for a new one and it had an EDD of 10/1.

Well, it is now 10/8 and my EDD still shows 10/1. I have called Dell 5 times and each time all I get is the crew in Dubi telling me they can only see what I can see on the website and the demand has been larger than was expected. Now I can understand having to wait a week, or maybe two for an inital order, but what kind of company doesn't keep spares around for events like this. I am sitting here with a $500 paper weight waiting on a replacement and no one can tell me when to expect a new one. Understanding the problem wouldn't exist w/o DHL, I still blame Dell on taking the cheap route in packing materials... a device like this should have been double boxed at least, which would have prevented my situation.

The last CS rep I spoke to on 10/6 told me they would update the status of my machine with a new EDD as soon as they had one.... it hasn't been. I have given myself and arbitrary date of 10/23 and if I don't have something in my hands by then will request a full refund and order something else. To top things off, the Ext. DVD-RW I ordered with the original order on 9/4 finally arrived yestarday.... wish I knew what so so special about this thing that it took over a month for them to ship a USB DVD drive????

Has anyone else ordered one on or about 9/23 that has or hasn't gotten theirs? I am curious as to what priority they have placed on mine being I ordered a working mini on 9/4 and still do not have one a month later.

UPDATE: I just called Dell again for kickes, and like they did on Monday told me to wait 24hrs and they would have updated information. So basically I am being told each time I call to wait 24hours and they will have updated information for me, which they do not...... I'll wait and call again tomorrow, but I maybe cancelling my order long before my stated time above. Why can't someone man up and just say, we have a problem and there will be a 3,7,10 or even a 30 day delay?
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