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  1. Zolitare
    03-30-2010 04:51 PM
    the only way i could get this to work was to use the internal drive in an external HDD caddy - install onto that then refit the drive internally

    to get at the HDD, 1st remove battery, then there are 3 screws (left, middle & right) - remove these then use a small screwdriver to poke through the middle hole (with the screen opened!) - you should find the keyboard springing up. get hold of it and lift it CAREFULLY from the middle (wiggle it slightly, it's clipped on both sides) - tip the keyboard over from top edge (keep that ribbon cable safe 7 not stretched)

    You should then be able to see the internal HDD caddy - 1 screw to release and then slide it away from it's connector.

    you can boot the netbook up without the internal HDD (easiest way to install as it prevents the rainbow wait wheel spinning for eternity!)

    fit the HDD to the USB Caddy & install OSX following the thread instructions and then you can refit it into the internal bay of the netbook & run from there.
  2. darevalo
    03-30-2010 12:32 AM
    Hello, i want to know if you can help installing snow leopard, i want to install it, but i cant see the internal hdd, i`ve already installed snow leopard 10.6 on the external hdd, but i cant restore on the internal hdd because i cant see it, can you help me please? i wanna add you to msn:




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