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allankelly 05-02-2010 07:45 PM

Dell Mini 10 (1011) Snow Leopard triple boot
Hi, I've written up my triple-boot XP/Ubuntu/MacOSX Snow Leopard install. I hope it saves you time and hassle!

I describe how to use a USB install with GUID partitioning and then copy that install to a HDD MBR partition. Then setup Chameleon for a smooth triple-boot menu :D

Find it here: Allan Kelly : Hackintosh: Triple-boot Dell Mini 1011

Cheers, al.

DDUST 05-04-2010 08:07 AM

How about WIn XP & OSX only?
Hi Kelly,

How about Keeping Win xp & want to install OSX only. can i skip the first step which is Linux installation, and jump start to install OSX?

Can you guide me thru it, im sorry for the hassle. im very new at this.

It seems you the only one that i found who try to keep WIn XP and just install OSX & Linux. Most ppl just remove the windows completely. :p.

my mini dell is 10v stock 160gb. but i have another HDD which is 320GB that i cloned with acronis true image. for now im using that 320gb

I have the setting fully untouch when i clone it, so it show

Isa configure - 40mb
Win XP - 140GB
Dellrestore - 10GB
Storage - 150GB (which i will try to spilt 50GB for OSX & 100GB for shared)

Thank you so much in advance

allankelly 05-05-2010 09:48 PM

Hi, you can use the Gparted Live CD to shrink the XP NTFS partition as I've described. Then only create a second physical partition formatted hfsplus for MacOSX.

Now, skip Linux install.

Install MacOSX to USB as I've described.

Then you need to copy the USB installation to the 2nd HDD partition: You don't have Linux so use either the Gparted Live CD, in that open a Terminal and command line to run parted and the cp command as I've described.

Or maybe the Clonezilla Live CD will be easier for you: Clonezilla web site

I happen to mostly work in Linux is all.

Cheers, al.

DDUST 05-07-2010 02:58 AM

1 Attachment(s)

as you said in your guides
"For an OS to be (easily) found and bootable by Chameleon,
it should be on a primary MBR partition. So, the partition scheme will be:

40GB MacOSX - HFS Plus
30GB Linux - ext4
Logical: 40GB Shared - FAT32
Logical: 2GB Linux swap - Not formatted


Do i have to shrink my main partition of the windows XP?

can i do this setting

WinXP - 140GB
Dellrestore - 10GB
OSX - 100GB
Storage - 50GB FAT32

Do i have to delete the DellRestore partition?

regarding Clonezilla.. looks confusing to me already..
i rather try what u have used before & it seem much easier.
I will try Gparted Live CD


I able to burn Gparted Live iso into CD.
when i load the disc and restart the computer..
which option do i have to choose?

here the screenshot of Gparted Live CD

Thank you very much for helping me (^_^):)

DDUST 05-21-2010 05:02 AM

Cant Select HFS+
Hi AllanKelly,

FInally i was able to get inside the Gparted Live CD,

I did a very stupid mistake. i download the very old version instead of
that why it give me bunch of option to choose, and i cant even select HFS+

Anyway, inside the Gparted, it show i have 3 partition already that comes in from DELL.

FYI, I clone the whole 160GB HDD into 320GB HDD 7200rpm using Acronis True Image server
(and keep the original HDD setting unchanged therefore give 160gb extra at the end)

partition 1 --> Fat16 --> Dell Utility
Partition 2 --> NTFS --> OS (Windows XP)
Partition 3 --> Fat32 --> DellRestore
(unallocated 160gb)

Since it only allow me to have 4 partitions, i would like to have this setup

WinXP - 140GB
Dellrestore - 10GB
OSX - 100GB
Storage - 50GB FAT32

I would like to keep the Dell Restore, and if i remove fat16 (Dell Utility) would that be okay?
Its it POSSIBLE?? cuz i would like to restore my windows xp just in case with Dell Restore in the future.

and also, after i make the HFS+ , when i exit Gparted, it give me nonstop

VFS: busy inodes on changed media /dev/hda

What should i do?

please help. Thank you very much in advance.

DDUST 05-21-2010 08:39 AM

got Boot0: error

I just finally change the whole unallocated 160GB HDD intp Mac OSX HFS+

but when i restarted and plug the USB SN installation flash drive,

it give me error when it load

Boot0: Error

Can anyone help me?

cparsons 05-27-2010 01:15 PM

Trying this on an 11z (1110)?
Just ordered an 11z which comes with Vista Home (yuk) and I want to dump this for something better - thought your article would fit the bill, but I am a little bothered about the (lack of) drivers for anything apart from Vista or Windoze 7

Am I going to have problems?

The drive is 250Gb so I could split this space up a bit but if the other OS can't run the machine there is not much point? I would have preferred XP if I have to use a Windoze OS in any event!

I have used GrUB on my home PC successfully for a while, not seen Chameleom but will look at this - this is the Apple equivalent of GrUB, yes?

Anyone got any comments/observations they would be much appreciated!



b33keeper 05-30-2010 11:09 AM

Hi, thanks for the guide allan, I followed it and it worked for me... well mostly. The problem I have is I cannot properly copy osx from the flash drive to the hdd.

Like DDust I just just wanted osx and xp so I just created an extra partition of 40GB.

Also, DDust you might like to know I kept the Dell Restore Parition, so can confirm you can do this. If you want to keep this though you should first backup the MBR partition. You would have to then restore this partition should you ever want to access your Dell restore parition. I hope that makes sense.

Anyway to copy OSX from the flash drive to the hdd, I just booted into the GParted flash disk used for paritioning, opened a terminal window and then typed the copy commands as in the guide. HOWEVER this did not work properly because when view disk information in OSX it says the free space is only 5gb whilst the capacity is 40gb and the used space is 10gb. Is this what you have expericenced?

I am yet to try clonezilla, that is my next step, however what other ways are there to copy the fs over?

Side note for DDust:
I have got that boot error after trying to boot an empty hfs parition. I suspect you may also get it if you have not set up chameleon and just boot from the hdd. one thing to note, after you have set up chameleon you must set the osx partition to have the 'boot' flag.

b33keeper 06-02-2010 04:54 AM

For those interested, I did work out another way to copy the fs from the flash disk to the hdd. I used 'Carbon Copy Cloner' it is an excellent tool you just install it on the flash drive and use it to close the flash drive to the hdd.

You should probably flick em $5 for such a great product.

grassle 06-02-2010 11:00 AM


For an OS to be (easily) found and bootable by Chameleon,
it should be on a primary MBR partition.
I have Ubuntu on a logical partition, with grub installed to the partition. Chameleon sees grub, and after a short timeout (I set it to 3 seconds) it boots into Ubuntu.

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