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Spoker 01-27-2010 02:01 AM

install NetbookInstaller 0.8.3 final?
So if I follow the guide at the top of the page I see I need NBI rc3, and not 8.3 final?

Thanks in advance,

victorODG 03-06-2010 12:11 AM

I have installed snow leopard on my dell after downgrading the bios to A04. Recently installed snow leopard on another dell mini 10v and didn't have to downgrade the bios, and it works even better than my old one! How can I upgrade the bios from A04 to A06 now that I am running Snow Leopard???

fintube61 03-07-2010 12:45 AM

10v A06 10.6.2 All Working But...
If i run disk utility and repair permissions it BREAKS


wcm 03-07-2010 05:14 PM

I tried this method also, but my computer just starts beeping as soon as I startup and I never get the OS to load. I have gone back to change the options on NBI, but still no luck. Any ideas for me to try?

Manupi 07-11-2010 06:47 AM

Gizmodo manual working on A06 BIOS
Hi guys,
I just installed MacOSX without problems using Gizmodo instructions and netbookbootmaker 0.8.4 RC1 in a mini 10v with A06 BIOS.
Running like a charm!

rueru 09-11-2010 03:34 AM

I found a way to fix the Kernel Panic issue and easily install Snow Leopard on a mini10v with the A06 Bios. I am too lazy to read the whole thread, so sorry if this solution has been said before. All you have to do is remove the battery, plug the mini 10v to a power outlet and attempt to install. This worked for me after about 10 attempts of installing SL. I can't say this method will work 100% of the time for everyone, but if someone can give it shot it would be great. Maybe I was just lucky? I don't know why it worked and I don't really want to install it again to verify if it works. It doesn't hurt to try this, so see if it works for you as well.

lucklucas 12-19-2010 11:25 PM

1011v osx 10.5
will this work with osx 10.5 install?

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