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Default Getting Meego 1.1 Set Up on Mini 1012 - 11-03-2010, 08:32 PM

There are bits and pieces of guidance on setting up Meego versions on Dell Mini, but I thought I recount a couple of gotchas I encountered today. I won't cover things like creating a bootable USB, because these are well documented.

  • I am installing to logical/extended partitions the hard disk, not to a USB device. The Meego installation can be done to logical partitions, which is good since Windows claims three of the four partition slots on my hard disk (boot, recovery, and windows partitions).
  • I wanted to leave my Windows 7 Starter intact on the drive, and didn't want Meego to determine the partition layout automatically. To do this I booted a Linux USB utility distribution called "Parted Magic", which has a number of useful tools for managing drives. GParted allows you to resize your partitions non-destructively, so I was able to reduce the size of my Win7 partition to make room for a new extended partition to contain my logical partitions for Linux. I created a 250 MB ext3 logical partition for \boot, a 10GB partition for \, and a 2GB swap partition (big enough for hibernating all RAM to disk)-- you could certainly do more, but I'm just messing around with Meego. Whatever you do... DON'T MESS WITH THE BOOT PARTITION FOR WINDOWS thinking this is just a recovery partition. That would be a big mistake.
  • On installing Meego, you need to be careful to say that you want to customize the partition layout if you want to use partitions that are already created. Using the custome layout feature of setup, I tagged the different logical partitions I had set up, and then had the Meego install format them to the file systems it wanted (I think it used btfs for / and ext3 for /boot).
  • Meego replaces the windows boot loader with Grub, sets the default option to Meego, and then sets the interval for the Grub menu for one split second so that you don't have time to select Windows. You can fix this by editing /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf and setting the pause interval as per step 7 in these instructions.
  • It's possible to set up the Windows boot loader to work with linux installations, but I haven't tried this. If you want to get rid of Grub after deleting linux, the tools on the Parted Magic distribution are invaluable-- and more accessible than trying to get your Windows 7 DVD onto a thumb drive so you can boot the repair console. You can mark the Windows Boot partition with the boot attribute in GParted, and then you can use the MS-SYS command line utility to rewrite a Window 7 boot sector to the disk.
  • It's pretty widely recorded that you need to compile your own wifi driver for the broadcom interface after installation. has very kindly updated his site with the instructions for compiling the driver for Meego 1.1-- including changing references for the yum installation tool for zypper. I followed it exactly as written, rebooted, and the driver worked perfectly.
  • One of the things I found really annoying is that suspend wouldn't work-- the screen would turn black and the machine wouldn't wake up. Then I found that suspend wouldn't work for another Linux I was testing-- turns out this is a known bug in the Xorg xserver with the GM45 chipset. The workaround is to create a text file called 00CPU in /etc/pm/sleep.d as documented in the Ubuntu forum.
Everything seems to work, and I find a lot to like. I was looking for something that would boot lightening fast and get me to a browser-- I don't think Meego is as good as some of the other linux distros, but I find the novelty of it to be very cool. I'm still having problems with applications installed from the Meego Garage not showing up in the Applications panel. All new files with a configuration in /usr/share/applications start up just fine, it's just that the Application Panel doesn't see them. There seem to be a few postings that sound like this-- indicating that the problem is mostly with lower resolution screens. I've got to do a little more research.

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Default 11-04-2010, 04:18 AM

Not interested in Meego myself, but maybe some lurker will appreciate the info

My 1012 came with an Atheros HB95/AR9285 N Wifi card. I believe the "ath9k" driver should be part of a normal kernel, so this card may work without effort in Meego.

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Default 11-04-2010, 04:27 PM

I installed Meego on a mini 9 I bought here for $25, it had a dead SSD and I had a spare STEC 8 gig. It was my second attempt at a Linux distro. Looked ideal for the tiny stock 8 gig drive I was using, and it actually boots up quickly and the interface isn't horrible.

Unfortunately I had zero success with compiling the wi-fi drivers using the link provided. Most likely because I'm a Linux noob. My only other Linux experience was hacking a Tivo for a bigger hard drive.

In the end I just decided to just Hackintosh it instead.

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Default 11-05-2010, 07:29 PM

In the interests of simplifying the Meego installation process, here's my precompiled binary package for the wireless adapter on a Dell Mini 1012. I didn't realize that Dell had used different adapters on the Minis, so this may or may not work for you.

If you are going to unzip it on Meego, you need to install the Zip package (sudo zypper install zip), unzip, and then install the RPM:

sudo rpm -ivh wl-kmod-
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Default 12-12-2010, 03:04 PM

I guess I can't post attachments anymore, for whatever reason. I had to recompile the wireless driver for the new Meego kernel and was going to put it up here so that others didn't have to download the 250MB of rubbish to compile the binaries. Well, go to and follow the instructions when you upgrade your Meego kernel...


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Default 01-20-2011, 03:02 PM

I found this guide pretty useful to me, cuz I am so interested in trying Meego in my Mini 1012. Months back, I installed Moblin (Before it was merged with Maebo) and everything was ok, except for the Wi-Fi, and the trouble handling the mouse pad cuz it was 300% sensitive :S couldnt fix that and installed back WinXP.

Thanks for the info and support
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