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Default USB Drives for Distro-ing - 09-14-2009, 11:35 PM

Heya every one! I am going to get some USB sticks for some Linux distros I want to use/try. Does USB 2.0 Flash Pen Drive Memory have fair prices for the 1gb + 2gb sections [to you]?

1gb + 2gb should cover a good bit of distro isos, right?

I'm asking this question because I can't shop at online stores like Newegg, Overstock, etc. (living in a US territory). Then, even if a store could ship to me, the question then becomes whether they can ship via USPS or if they item itself can even be shipped [due to whatever regulations]. (e.g. I can get books from Amazon, but electronics is most times wishful thinking.)

Does any one know of any other stores to go shopping?

(& yes, I've been searching & checking different online stores. Going into the store isn't much of an option 'cause I'd only really have K-Mart, Office Max + Radioshack to work with for the most part. They mostly sell the latest stuff, which costs more than what I've seen on the above page.)
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Default 09-15-2009, 12:02 AM

Do you have a WalMart anywhere around? They have the best prices on USB flash drives (starting at 9$ for a 2gig), and also SD/HC drives that work even better than USB flash drives for installing Linux. fdalbor

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Default 09-15-2009, 12:12 AM

Check Google Shopping (I know many of the stores may not ship to your area... but it will give you a good price comparison)

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Default 09-15-2009, 12:56 AM

There's no Walmart on my island. (Probably a 1st, right?) ~lol~ I will keep the price you said in mind, though. Thank you for the tips!

Well, it's off to Google Shopping I go. I might luck out with something. I was hoping to find a site where I could get a discount after getting X number of drives.

I looked at custom usb drive sites, but there's usually a minimum for an order (like 25 units or something).

The most I would get is around 10-15 drives, though (if that much any way).

Again, thanks for the help. I appreciate it!

Edit: Okay, so I was looking around a while ago & I came across . Is it me or is something wrong with what's on that page?
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Default 09-29-2009, 01:34 PM

Update: Alright, so I got some USB drives.... Any one know of what I can use to get gum/sticky residue/adhesive or whatever off of a pen drive?

I've tried using some 180 something proof pure alcohol on them already & the residue hasn't come off yet. I'm thinking maybe I should try it again.... Whatever it is the drives are made of comes off on my hands. The material is sort of sticky (not sticky like from sweets).

The company sent me some different drives, since the original item wasn't in stock. I don't really like them, but it costs about 1/3 (& maybe even more than that) of what I paid for them to send it back, which is unacceptable to me.

Thus, I have to make it work. Any ideas?

Pics: 1st three show drive (right) with metal protector I like on a pen drive. Next 2 give close-up of connector on Surf Drive. Last 2 are of drive, which show it looks like a surfboard.

I also wanted your opinions: Do you think that I will have problems with the Surf Drives?

(I had a PQI 32gb drive I bought from a different store that was similar to them, using the white plastic with no inner covering over the connector vs. 1s w/ the metal cover. Needless to say, the PQI failed to the point that my computers didn't recognize it. 32gigs gone down the drain & I will never buy a PQI again.) pqi i221- 8GB Traveling Disk USB 2.0 Flash Drive (Black & Orange): Electronics

Welcome to PQI Website

(The reviews on the Amazon site describe my concern. The PQI site gives more details; the 1 I had was white w/ a green strip on the side.)

P.S. I am going to save up for a new camera (& maybe an HD video camera) soon; usually the current one is better than this, so I am annoyed with it.... (looks good from a distance but sucks up close) Office Max here I come.

Edit: I am really glad I got some pen drives.... Haiku alpha is out now, & I am going to see whether I will be heartbroken or overjoyed or meh....

Edit 2: Oh yes.... I forgot that I don't like the covers for the pen drives. After looking at them, I have noticed that the covers are too tight for the drive & the inner holders or whatever scratch the sides of the plastic where the gold connectors are.... ~sigh~ What a bummer.....

Edit 3: I had portable Iron on a pen drive & the browser crashed, making the drive unreadable. Two programs saved it, which makes me regret destroying my 32GB flash drive now. (I might have been able to save it! Argh!) The apps are for Windows, though.... I don't currently know of any Linux solutions.

HDD Low Level Format Tool 2.36.1181 (Use 1st)

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool 2.1.8

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