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Default installing backtrack 4 together with osx (multiboot) - 07-21-2009, 10:12 AM


I'd like to have a multiboot mini 9 with Leopard and Backtrack 4 on my runcore 32GB on Dell mini 9.

I already installed Leopard with DellEfi and it is working fine. I used a GUID type and created an empty partition at the end of the disk with enough space (7GB) for the backtrack installation. The bootloader is chamaleon which (is supposed to) support also Linux.

Now I booted from the backtrack 4 live dvd (pre) and run ubiquity program but it is not able to recognize my partitioning (GUID) end it is proposing me to erase the whole disk.

Is there a way to install Backtrack (or in general Ubuntu) in dual boot with osx on a GUID partition?

thanks & regards,
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Default UPDATE: did some researches... probably gptsync can help - 07-22-2009, 08:06 AM

googling around I found out that gptsyc might be a usefull tool to help installation on GPT disk (GUI partition table disk)... unluckly I have not enough experience with that to try on my only (working) osx mini 9. Does anyone have experience with that?

Another way could be unebootin, but again, I'm not familiar with that on hard disk (only on usb!)

My current partitioning is

1: EFI
2: HFS+
3: ext3

Bootlodaer chamaleon.

Any idea?

thanks again,
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Default Any suggestion? - 07-28-2009, 05:47 AM


Is there anyone able/willing to help me on this?
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elchubi elchubi is offline
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Default grub supports guid partitions - 09-12-2009, 12:50 PM

I did a small /boot partition and the rest / is on a SDHC card
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Default 10-18-2009, 01:16 AM

What I've noticed is that the BT4-pre-final iso needs to be burned into a *physical* media...this DVD is then used to boot a computer other than our netbook, and *then* installation through conventional means can be successfully completed: the 4GB USB can be formatted/installed with the BT4 distro. Backtrack 4 USB Install - Offensive Security


The distro team decided to change the booting method from the BT4 *Beta* ISO, a package needing only to setup VMWare Windoze and running the scripts to install onto the USB.

^^^Running these scripts in OSX is something I'm not used to. I know Darwin can compile nearly anything(ruby,pearl,python,c) with the proper Dev tools, however this is subject matter I just have not much understanding over.

To run things entirely on the, not needing to burn a DVD, you can at least go live with the BT4 Beta...

BT4Beta image lacks certian apps that I just can't live without, however one could perhaps just upgrade their system from the BT repository.

OSX 10.5.8|Dell Mini 10v|2GB RAM|160GB HD|A05 Bios|Dell EFI method (Anguish-Youtube Ver.) |TrippleBootWin7-OSX-Ubuntu
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Default re backtrack - 01-25-2010, 09:20 PM

I pulled out my hard drive out of my 10v, just to make fully sure i did not get any files written to my osx install.

and i ran the backtrack4 dvd and installed backtrack4 on my 8gb sd card.

Its persistant and takes updates..

Now i just need a new wifi adapter.

My broadcom adapter that comes with my 10v is not even detected, and i have tried about 10 diff methods to get it to work.

I'm going to get a 15$ usb wifi adapter that supports injection for penenitration "TESTING"...

Dell Mini 10v : 2gb ram : OSX 10.6.2 : 120gb hd
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