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Default GUIDE:How to turn an Android live CD into a quickboot OS! (sort of) - 07-17-2009, 02:40 AM

NOTICE:I don't have my mini in yet, so I have no idea if this works at all. In theory it should. I have only booted the android live cd in a VM, so just take this all with a large grain of salt. especially because i have no idea if they have implemented the correct divers in the current release of the live cd.

1. Boot off of an ubuntu live USB.

2. Open the gnome partitioner and create three partitions:
-50mb ext3 for GRUB
-300mb ext3 for Android FAT16 for storage
(you will need this because android isn't being installed, we are just booting from a live "cd" and using the rest of the hdd as a "memory card" for documents)

3. Have your Android Live CD/USB hooked up, and copy all of it's contents over to the 300mb partition you just created
-get the Android live CD here:
live-android - Google Code

4. Exit ubuntu and install GRUB on the first small partition
-see here: GNU GRUB Manual 0.97

-or here:

5. Create a GRUB entry for Android and have it point to the "BOOT.CAT" file on the Android Partition

6. Restart and boot away.

Upgrading to a newer version of a the android live cd (when one becomes available) will be SUPER EASY. Just boot back into ubuntu, delete the files on the android partition and replace it with the files form the new cd. done.

-From here you should be able to save any media or documents on the FAT16 drive and have it recognized as a memory card(again no idea if this will work, should be some way to access that partition easily)
-You can set your grub loader to timeout instantly if you want
-most of the key components work in this beta of the live cd, so it makes for a great quick boot OS.

ONCE AGAIN: I do not have my mini yet. This is a very quick and to the point guide. Once I get my mini and get this working (if it does at all) then I will make this guide much m,ore and improved with in depth steps for noobs. I only have a Mac at home and don't feel like trying this on it, so the only place I've booted the live cd is in a vm. I heard very very few drivers are supported, so it may even freeze upon boot on your mini, but apparentally you can request/suggest if enough of us do that then we should be good to go with version 0.3!
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