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Default Install Guide 1: Help - 06-17-2009, 12:43 AM

I'm using Installation Guide 1: Guide Method 1 - Single USB Drive (Mac-only) | DellEFI | mechdrew

Small variation: I formatted the 8GB USB exactly as directed, created the OSXDVD partition and restored an image I had made of my retail OSX DVD to the USB. However, I did all this on my iBook G4 (none of this seemed intel specific and its the only mac I own). I then borrowed my friends Intel MacBook so that I could run DellEFIBootMaker on the USB to make the Boot Key.

On the Dell:
I followed the Bios setting directions and select to boot off the USB. At this point everything is fine and the bootloader comes up asking if I would like to boot my internal SSD or the OSXDVD partition. I, of course, select OSXDVD and then a bunch of text begins to scroll...and then it stops. At that point it just sits there and does nothing.

I've tried rebooting and running it again, but I get the same result.

Any ideas???
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Default 06-17-2009, 01:09 AM

Strange Update: As the Guide originally instructed, I turned off Bluetooth in the BIOS. I decided to experiment and turn it back on and retry the process. Well the boatloader still hangs at the same point it did previously, but there is one exception. Before it would appear to just freeze. Now it still is active, but does load the install...instead it just returns the message: "Still waiting for root device"

anyone know what that means?

Update: Well, I'm guessing something is wrong with the DellEFIBootMaker install because the error seems to be related to the bootloader. I did happen to have the DellMiniBoot CD around though, and I was able to get that to boot up. From the "Boot" prompt on the DellMiniBoot CD, I was able to get it to boot the USB OSX install. So as of right now, OSX seems to be installing.

Final Update: My assumption that somehow the USB boot key was messed up turned out to be correct. Either way, it worked out. I had to use the DellMiniBoot CD to boot the USB to run the install, and then again to boot it into my SSD after the install. [Odd Note: I ran "postinstall" following the installation, and it reported that is ran successfully in Terminal. However upon reboot the bootloader it installed continued to fail, and so it was necessary to boot my SSD using the DellMiniBoot CD again. After I got into the SSD and ran DellEFI the boot problem was corrected and it now boots perfectly]. Anyways, everything appears to be in good order now, so I'm going to start playing around with it to make sure everything works : )
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