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Default Dual booting OSX and XP - 11-17-2008, 04:51 AM

Did the person who was going to attempt a dual XP boot with this method get it to work? I've [s:33bqgnxd]spent[/s:33bqgnxd] wasted an entire weekend trying to get an OS X/XP dual boot setup working on my Mini using just about every guide on the internet, and nothing has worked. I actually came the closest tonight, and got both installed and kind of booting, only to be hit with the dreaded "Package 0 didn't get an HPET" error. My frustration is somewhat amplified by the fact that, in almost every resource I've found, I can get information on either getting OS X working on the mini, OR dual-booting with XP, but not both, and I believe there is something I'm missing which is preventing it from working. Everyone says to look over at insanelymac for dual-boot guides, but none of them seem to apply to my situation.
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Default Re: Dual booting OSX and XP - 11-20-2008, 08:04 AM

well, not quite. but i've installed 10.5.4 on a 16gb factory ssd, then found a barebones version of xp to install on the machine using vm ware fusion. ive got about 4 gigs to spare on the drive after installing apps only, as all my files and music are served from my tower. amazingly cool how it all works, and how easy it was. all i want is a machine that will sleep!
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Default Re: Dual booting OSX and XP - 11-24-2008, 07:42 PM

First off I dont have a dellmini but dual booting should be similar

you need
win XP install disk
OSx install disk ( i have kalway 10.5.2 )
EFI bootload V8 on a usb stick make sure its pluged in

first format your HD or SSD from disk util on the os installer as GUID and select 2 partitions call them Leopard and XP ( or what eva you want )click the first partition and select os journed first option in drop down menu click 2nd partition ( xp ) and select FAT option in drop down menu then click partition ( or go what eva )

then Install OSX onto the leopard partition and while it is installing open the log file when finished installing close the log ( save if you want )and open terminal ( within 30 seconds or your machine will reboot )

type fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0

type p ( shows the partition table ) and write everything down

it will look something like this if you have done it right
bash-3.2# fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0
Enter 'help' for information
fdisk: 1> p
Disk: /dev/rdisk0 geometry: 9729/255/63 [156301488 sectors]
Offset: 0 Signature: 0xAA55
Starting Ending
#: id cyl hd sec - cyl hd sec [ start - size]
1: EE 0 0 2 - 1023 254 63 [ 1 - 409639] <Unknown ID>
2: AF 1023 254 63 - 1023 254 63 [ 409640 - 104564064] HFS+
3: AF 1023 254 63 - 1023 254 63 [ 105235848 - 31042456] HFS+
*4: 0C 1023 254 63 - 1023 254 63 [ 136540448 - 19761000] Win95 FAT32L
fdisk: 1>

you wont have partition 4 but partition 3 will show as my partition 4 also the size will be different as I have a *) GB HD

now reboot and finalise installation

when done install windows as per normal selecting the second 'XP' or what eva partition you named let windows fully install including the restarts if this happens ( ie windows reboots automaticly you are nearly there )

once this is done restart from the OSX install DVD and option -s

once loaded type /sbin/mount -uw / ( as per the instruction )

type fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0

type p ( here you will see the partition greatly changed ) so you need to restore this back

type e 1 ( you will need to edit in both modes )
type ee
type y to ( chs mode I think ) and then 1023 <enter> 254 <enter> 63 <enter> 1023<enter 254 <enter> 63 <enter>

type e 1 (again)
type ee
type n to ( chs mode I think ) and then 1 <enter 409639 <enter> now this last number relates to you partition and disk sizes so yours may be different but I suspect that this partition will be the same no matter what as it relates to the 200MB disk0s1 ( hidden partition )

type p this will confirm above has been done to the drive but the fist 1023 254 63 proberly wont be the same dont panic its ok ( as you can see from mine )you may well find the other 2 partitions have reverted to the original format if they have it cuts out some work if not you will have to edit in both modes for these partitions

type e2
type af
and repeat as above if you need chs mode ie 1023 254 63 type y otherwise type n you will still need to edit this part

once you think you have done this again use the p command to verify the map is the same as you started with originally apart from the first 3 numbers

if you are happy type quit

now type exit to start osx installer again

open disk util and unmount/eject both partitions then quit disk util

open terminal and cd /volumes

type ls to see if your usb stick with efi is there then cd to the folder which contains ./startupfiletool

type these commands

./startupfiletool /dev/rdisk0s2 boot_v8
dd if =./guid/boot1h of =/dev/rdisk0s2 bs=512 count=1
dd if=./guid/boot0 of=/dev/disk0 bs=400 count=1

quit terminal open disk util again to see if partitions have mounted if so quit installer and reboot ( do not reinstall )

cross fingers and pray to the computer gods
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