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Default [NEWBIE] Key mappings in OSX and other questions - 05-21-2009, 12:22 AM

Hey, new member here. Successfully installed OSX on my Vostro A90 - much thanks to everyone involved. I've actually never owned an OSX system. I've got a few newbie questions:

1) Is there any way to map the Apple key to the Windows key? What is Windows key mapped to now? It seems to do do weird things (alternate keys).

2) I know the button on the right of the space bar is now mapped to the Apple key. Not really a question, just saying that would have been really helpful to know.

3) I feel a lot of lag, hiccups, slowdowns, and freezes while using this thing. Did I do something wrong? I used the Windows Old Guide method using the latest DellEFI. OSX 10.5.7. Bios A03 (should I upgrade to A04?) Youtube lags, iTunes takes up 80% of my CPU...

4) What are some essentials I need to get started? I know DropBox is pretty useful.

5) How do I get it so I can read/write to NTFS? I installed NTFS-3g but it still can't write to my external NTFS hard drive, just read. EDIT: Stupid, after a restart it worked.

6) Sleep doesn't work... it either restores to a black screen or frozen laptop.

Thanks for the help.
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Default 05-21-2009, 08:50 AM

1. use Ukelele and check this out

2.not really understand this question

3.turn on speed step in bios, update bios to A5



6.turn off two usb options in bios or turn off bluetooth you can keep usb lagency on

hope it helps

update1: I highly recommend turn off BT if you dont need it very much, that can resolve the sleep and failed restart after sleep problem.

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Default 05-21-2009, 09:56 AM

Thank you! Sleep now works and I will upgrade the BIOS and change the Speedstep settings when I can.

One thing that might be causing the slowdowns: I am certain I messed up DSDT during installation - I hear that rebuilding it can solve a lot of problems. How can I do that?
EDIT: Found it here:

Besides that, I have gotten Dropbox, Adium, Firefox + Chromifox, XMarks, and AdblockPlus. I think I am almost all set to go! Thanks meklort, mechdrew, bzylg, and everyone else before them who was involved in making this dream come true
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