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Default What is your score? - GEEKBENCH cpu test - 05-20-2009, 09:10 AM

In various threads, mostly about slowdowns, there were disscussions about the different geekbench scores.
I thought it might be helpfull to have a dedicated thread about geekbench scores.
This could be turned into a sticky.

Here you can get the simple program:
Primate Labs Geekbench

Get it for osx (or xp, linux)
Its free, easy to install and run.
I put it in the utilites folder, which sits also in the dock to have quick access.

Please post your results along with your system info (os x version, dellefi 1.1 or 1.2b, bios etc),
plus infos like:
how long is the mini running already when testing (just booted or running for x hours?)
What temperature does coolbook show when starting the test (will go up during the test).
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Thunderstruck Thunderstruck is offline
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Default 05-20-2009, 09:12 AM

So here I go again with the first entry:

After a fresh boot on the "cold" machine,
I usually get about


OS 10.5.6 Dellefi 1.1 Bios A04
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tetany tetany is offline
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Default 05-20-2009, 12:34 PM

My score is 910

"Ride in a Window"
Dell Mini 9 Aspen White | BIOS A05 | Mac OSX 10.5.7 | DellEFI 1.2a5 | Meklort's Touchpad Driver | Direct Runcore Install Method | 64 GB Runcore SSD | 2 GB RAM | 16 GB SD | Bluetooth: [enabled] | Bluetooth Terminal Mod | USB Legacy Mode: [disabled] | 1.3 MP Webcam | Life is Good
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anguish anguish is offline
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Default 05-20-2009, 12:36 PM

910 last time I ran it.

Alienware M11xR2 - Core i5 1.06 - 4 GB - 250 GB HD

Triple Boot Guide - 10v RAM Upgrade Videos - mechdrew's OSX guides
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ishagi ishagi is offline
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Default 05-20-2009, 01:06 PM

Damn, on my slighty warmed up DM9 I get 909. Just 1 point lower than everyone else. What a loser I am ...

WAIT A MINUTE ... I did another test.

909 score, slightly warmed up mini, on AC, with BT mouse active
930 score, same avg temperature, on BATTERY, with BT mouse in-active

I saved the two sessions, so I'll look later at the individual benchtop results to see what was affected.

My setup (reported by geekkbench): DELLEFI 1.1, 10.5.7 (build 9j61), 2gb ram 533mhz, bios a05
- no apps running during test (other than bt disabled on test #2)

Dell Mini 9 (96Gb) | White | SL 10.6.5 + Win7 Pro using EasyBCD 2.0 | 2G GSkill 667 RAM | No Webcam | BIOS A05 | 32G Runcore SSD | 32G SDHC (ext) | 32G SDHC (int w/ MR04 Card) | 1505 802.11n | Internal BT | Chrome Apple Logo
Dell Vostro A90 (96Gb) | SL 10.6.5 | 2G HyperX | 0.3Webcam | BIOS A04 | 64G Runcore SSD | 32G SDHC (ext) | and other stock features
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Nethfel Nethfel is offline
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Default 05-20-2009, 02:27 PM

~892 consistent across runs.

I must have something running in the background that is absorbing some cpu cycles to be below 900, but it's been that speed for as long as I can remember testing.
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GreyPaint GreyPaint is offline
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Default 05-20-2009, 02:37 PM

905 - 910
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wst wst is offline
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Default 05-20-2009, 03:39 PM

Cold booted, gave me 911

10.5.7 // DellEFI 1.2a5 // A05 // 2GB Crucial RAM
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Default 05-20-2009, 04:00 PM

I don't know that Linux scores are comparable, but here are mine.

System: Mini 9
RAM: 2GiB Corsair Value Select PC2-5300
OS: Ubuntu 9.04
Ambient temp: about 72F
CPU temp at the start: 45C
CPU temp at the end: 53C
Score: 1003

And here are the detailed results of an prior run (Score: 1001).

Mini 9 | Intel 5100 Wifi | Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook
Mini 1012 | SSD | Intel 6200 Wifi | Ubuntu 11.10 64bit
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oranged oranged is offline
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Default 05-20-2009, 05:24 PM

Cold I get 910
2nd run onwards I get between 931 and 941
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