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Default 05-20-2009, 06:36 PM

Originally Posted by st3ph3n View Post
I've subscribed to that podcast a few days ago but not watched any of it yet, and I've bought one of the O'Reilly books too. I downloaded the 2.0 dev stuff last night but didn't get round to installing it yet.

Possibly dumb question for the future - can I still sync my iPhone with my main box (which is a Vista Desktop) but also use it for the dev stuff? I don't particularly want to "pair" the phone with the mini as all my music and iTunes stuff is elsewhere but in the future I'd like to put my own apps on to it should they be of sufficient quality.
Well, if you're just working with the free iPhone SDK then there is no need to worry as you simply cannot load applications to a physical device (you can only work within the iPhone Simulator). If you've decided to opt in to the $99 developer program, then I really have no answer for you. My guess would be you can use the device in XCode and still pair it to your "main" computer, but I have no experience doing so. This is probably a good question for google
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Default 05-20-2009, 10:29 PM

Yep, I'll give that a go at another stage. Just installing the SDK now. She's a big girl! Installing it to a USB Stick at the moment but think I'll get an SD card for it in the future.
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Default 05-21-2009, 07:46 PM

Yeah developing for the iPhone is exactly why I bought my mini, its awesome for it.. No problems with running and compiling...

I suggest you definitely use spaces, I have XCode in the top left space, interface builder in the right space, the documentation bottom left and safari bottom right.. Spaces makes the small screen environment workable..

Also on the Simulator size issue. When it launches, if you press Function > Left Key it will rotate it 90 degrees to the left. If you then drag it up slightly and press function right the pointless top bit will go off the screen which gives you full access to the simulator screen and the home button!!

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Default 05-22-2009, 01:50 AM

Good idea on the spaces thing. I have been struggling with how to work the best on OSX since I am only new to it. That would make things heaps easier than trying to find which window you want. Alt tabbing isn't too bad but the spaces thing would be a bit better I think. Anyone actually submitted anything to Apple that was built on a mini?
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Default 05-29-2009, 10:57 AM

I'm learning Cocoa and Objective-C on my Mini 9 without major problems. I attached my Mini to an external 20" display (Dell S2009W) via VGA and it works marvellous!!! I have a complete developer workstation now!!!

Dell Mini 9 Black with Bluetooth and Webcam - 32GB Super Talent - 2GB RAM
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Default 07-09-2009, 09:21 PM

I got it installed on my 16GB SSD, what a tight fit! Are the Unix Development Support tools required? I could use that 512MB back...
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Default 09-18-2009, 05:22 AM

Has anyone signed up on Apple's Standard ($99) iPhone Dev Program, using the mini as the dev workstation? In particular, I'm looking for a success story on hooking up the iPhone device for download and debug of the code.

Although I expect this to work fine technically, I'm curious as to Apple's detection/enforcement on using a genuine Mac for this purpose. Possible issue with the code signing certificate, or uploading to the App Store?

Btw, I got my mini 10v for this, as my other Macs are PPC and iPhone dev requires an intel Mac.

In any case, I'll be going ahead with the sign-up, and wanted to know in advance whether I'm blazing a trail here or whether there have been others on this path before me. Mainly looking for insights and gotchas, to know how lightly I need to tread.

I will post my experience to inform future iPhone app publishers who develop on the minis.

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Default 09-18-2009, 10:53 PM

Let me know how it works out. I just downloaded the iphone sdk and am trying to learn how to use it now. I have a 22 inch external monitor and wireless mouse hooked up to the mini it works great! I dont see why the $99 dev program wouldnt work.

Here is a pic of my setup.

My monitor hooked up to the mini its tight. I got the iphone SDK open on my monitor (Keyboard and mouse are connected) and a web browser with guides and stuff open on the mini. It runs real good too

Mini 9 | OS X 10.5.7 | 2GB RAM | 32 gig supertalent SSD
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Default 09-24-2009, 01:14 PM

I'm making a thread for this as well as posting it here. I'm taking an iPhone development course at my university this semester, which is why I decided to snow leopard my mini as the school has 8 macs between 14 students in the course. I've downloaded the SDK and installed it, but when ever I try to run an app in the simulator I get the following error.

Error from Debugger: Failed to launch simulated application: iPhone Simulator failed to install the application.

I was wondering if anyone else may have had this problem, and if so, how would I go about fixing it.


NOTES: I have the latest version of the SDK as well as a fully functional run of Snow Leopard. I'm running it on a mini 9 with 2 gigs of ram and a 64 gig solid state.
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flybynite flybynite is offline
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Default 10-05-2009, 09:54 PM

UPDATE: I have signed up with Apple as an iPhone developer. Being approved within a couple of days was a pleasant surprise, given the stories of delays and trouble abounding the blogosphere.

No problem getting certificates and provisioning profiles for my iPhone and new iPod-Touch. I have exclusively used my mini 10v for all transactions, so my fears of being caught using a hackintosh for official business did not come true.

I'm ecstatic about being able to do all my development on a great little machine which set me back less than $300 including 2GB RAM and second external 120GB HD.

Thanks to all on this forum who made it possible to run OS X on a mini 10v.
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