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Ok, I was all set to try this but the problem is that the supposedly legacy-free EFI-embracing Windows 7 refuses to install on anything other than an MBR partition table. Pretty lame. Did you mess around with Bootcamp to get hybrid GPT/MBR?

EDIT Oh dear, Bootcamp doesn't run on Hackintosh
EDIT 2 Ok, since my Leopard disc is 10.5.0 it won't boot on my machine using the DellMiniboot123 CD so I've had to adapt the methods described elsewhere to use Ubuntu to do the gptsync since we can't run this having booted up from the SSD.

1) Resize the Mac partition in Mac OS with Disk Utility (no need to boot from CD)
2) Download Ubuntu 9.04 UNR, put it on USB stick (instructions on the site), then boot it from USB stick
3) Open Terminal and download gptsync from apt-get. To find out how just type gptsync and it will tell you.
4) Unmount Macintosh HD or whatever your Mac partition is called (go to Desktop view and press the eject symbol).
5) gptsync /dev/sda (confirm)
6) Boot Windows 7 install disc and now you can install. When it's done, install Synaptics Touchpad driver, jmicron card reader driver, Dell wifi Fn key driver (gets rid of unknown ACPI device), and use Windows Update for newer NIC and wifi drivers.
7) Now we just need to mod the Windows bootloader to add a Mac OS choice. EasyBCD 1.7.x didn't seem to work, nor did the 2.0.0 beta from insanelymac forums, but I did eventually get it to work using 2.0.0 r63 (you need to register with the forum to download it Use EasyBCD in Windows to create a new Windows 7 boot entry for Mac OS, but use the MBR *not EFI* loader. Double check that it places a file called nst_mac.mbr in C:\NST. I think the earlier versions of EasyBCD weren't creating this properly (I was getting an error saying it was missing on boot).
8) First time you try and boot Mac OS it will ask you for the drive hex code (mine was 80). When I was using the EFI option in EasyBCD I would get Darwin loading but without allowing me to type any options (like -v or -x) and it was crashing at the blue screen just before loading the desktop background.
9) That should be it!
10) If it all goes horribly wrong and you want Mac OS back, you can use Diskpart in Windows to set the first partition (200MB EFI) active. (Select Disk 0, Select Part 1, Active).
11) Likewise you can put it back to the Windows bootloader by setting partition 3 active.

From other reading I think it may be possible to skip the gtpsync bit completely if you resize the Mac OS partition then create a FAT32 in the empty space. Apparently Disk Utility will automatically create a hybrid GPT/MBR partition table. Then in the Windows 7 setup you'll need to reformat it as NTFS I think.
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