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Default Yet another dual boot question... - 05-07-2009, 09:37 PM


I have OS X 10.5.6 installed on STEC 16GB drive which works great, now I have MicroSD 8GB and want to get Windows installed there. What would be the procedure to follow? How do I go about dual booting both OSes? Do I need to start from scratch scraping my OS X installation?

Tips much appreciated!


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Default Re: Yet another dual boot question... - 05-08-2009, 04:25 PM

As of now, it is impossible to boot your Mini9 from the Internal SDHC cardslot. You would require some sort of boot disc that would recognize the cardslot and allow you to boot from it. You would require an external USB card reader. Anyhow, Windows XP (and any other OS) would be painfully slow on a SDHC card, even more on a MicroSD...

Maybe the Chameleon bootloader in DellEFI could be edited to allow this functionnality. Maybe it is already implemented but I really don't think so. Try posting in the DellEFI wishlist thread floating in this sub-forum.

Also you would have to edit your Windows XP install disk to allow the system to boot from another device than a fixed HDD. I tried it and you will certainly need a USB CD-ROM drive, I tried to install Windows XP Home SP3 to a USB-HDD from a USB stick and I never got it to work. With a CD-rom it went all the way so smooth!

I would recommend dual-booting the 2 systems from the SSD, there is a way to install a full Windows XP Home SP3 system that would take less than 500mb with all the drivers installed. That's what I did, I only need XP for MPlab, Protel 99SE and Diablo 2. I have a 1GB partition for Windows XP and my programs are installed on my Sandisk Extreme II 8GB SDHC card. The rest of the SSD is for Mac OS X since it's the preferred system on my Mini9. You can get a 8,16,32GB SDHC class 6 card for a few bucks now... You could install all your programs (Mac and PC) on the SDHC card that don't require fast read/write speeds and extend your SSD lifespan. Think about it.

The link to the tutorial is If you know how to use nlite you can create your XP disc from the Supplied Windows XP cd you got with your Mini (assuming you bought the Windows XP version). Just search on bittorrent for MiniXP and download only the last-Session.ini file. It is the setting file for nlite to trim all the unnecessary crap in XP from the Dell XP SP3 cd.

After that if you don't have an external CD-rom drive, search for a tool named usb_multiboot_10 and use it to create a windows xp install usb stick (just read the instructions, most of the time click yes). after that search on the usb stick you just created for a file called smss.exe and make a copy in the system32 folder of the WINNT.BT (or something like that you'll figure it out) in the root of the stick. That's it.

Good luck
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