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Default OSX on Mini 9 - five months later - 05-06-2009, 09:30 AM

Hey everyone,

I've just written up my experiences of running OSX on a Dell Mini 9. I've been running Leopard now for five months with no problems at all - the mini is currently tucked into my rucksack on a round the world adventure.

Here's the article: ... road-test/

Thanks for the help in getting it up and running

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Default Re: OSX on Mini 9 - five months later - 05-06-2009, 09:40 AM

Great blog post. Even a little jealous. That sounds like a hell of a trip you're taking. Not sure I would have the gumption for it, but there's quite a few places in Asia I'd love to visit.

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Default Re: OSX on Mini 9 - five months later - 05-06-2009, 11:29 AM

Nice write up. I had a Dell Mini with Hackintosh on it until this week. It was a great little machine and for what you're doing, you need ultra mobility.

I have always had a laptop through work - Dells and multiple VAIOs - but in my recent job it wasn't part of the deal. I went the Mini because it was cheap and mobile and only found out it was Hackintosh'able by the Vodafone salesperson!!

Talked to my mate who made the OS X switch a while back and he put it on for me and I loved it. The only reason why I don't have the Dell Mini today is because of that very fact, I loved OS X so much but wanted a machine I could bear to use all day running it that I bought a Macbook aluminium 2.4GHz

I am still waiting for it to arrive, but some of the web dev tools on OS X rock, and I just wanted a decent sized screen which I was happy with using for extended periods of time. Plus the keyboard on the Mini was causing me soooo many typos, I was Mr. Parse Error's best friend for a while!

But, the Mini delivers everything it promises and I don't expect them to put a fully functional keyboard on something that damn small! Anyway, back to waiting for my Macbook to arrive :roll: Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Timmy G

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Default Re: OSX on Mini 9 - five months later - 05-06-2009, 04:15 PM

I'm two months into my hackintosh journey, and I still love mine. It's perfect for my needs, which I will admit, are a bit atypical.

I play in a nearly constantly touring band. Unfortunately, we are more of the van type than the bus type. So when space is a premium and our belongings are getting constantly thrown around, I'm very thankful to have my Mini9 instead of a $2000 MBP. The fact that it's small enough to hide under a seat and significantly less of a financial liability give me an added bit of piece of mind.

I find that it gets made fun of quite a bit.. until I show people what it is, and then every touring band realizes it's perfect for their needs (unless they do graphic design) and gets absurdly jealous that they are carting around and destroying $1000+ MacBooks.
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Default Re: OSX on Mini 9 - five months later - 05-06-2009, 05:03 PM

I'm just finishing up my 2 month S.E Asia trip -- currently in Bangkok but I'm flying home tomorrow.. The mini9 has been absolutely great -- it really is a good travel of all I haven't had to use any local internet cafes, which can sometimes be sketchy with private account information.. I've had ZERO problems since installing OSX about 9 weeks ago

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