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Default 08-10-2009, 08:53 PM

If I decide it's really important, I'll probably install it under Crossover Mac (which I needed to install, anyway, for Origin 8). But I have a laptop that runs it great and a PPC iMac, so I really don't think I will.

Inspiron 6000 "Scheherazade" Ubuntu 10.04
iMac G4 (17") "Snow Maiden" MacOS 10.5.8
Mini 10v "Bumblebee" MacOS 10.6.4 / NBI 20100616...
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Default 08-10-2009, 09:08 PM

OK, after a rather enjoyable evening playing with Starcraft my observations are as follows:

All of the following was done using the OSX native installer:

A variety of different methods here, firstly I encountered the same problem installing the second disc using remote disc. This was solved by using 2 other macs with one disc in each (maybe not a very useful option for many).

After install I also realised that you don't actually have to install the software directly on the Mini, and you can install on a Mac with a CD drive and just copy the Starcraft folder from there to the Mini (including patches, archive files (for No-CD after patching since 1.15.2) etc. In fact, I also tried running from the SD card slot too, more of that in a moment.

So the install shouldn't be too bad, the slowest part of the whole thing was waiting for Blizzard's FTP server (verrrryyyy slow) to get the patch.

Unofortunately here's where things go a bit wrong. I first started off by testing my install on my Macbook Pro (2nd generation I think, a good couple or 3 years old). Very slick, absolutely no problems, besides the lack of a resolution hack (I can dream, and wait for SC2). The most impressive thing here was it running faultlessly from the SD Card (16GB, Class 4) through a USB card reader.

Transferring to the Mini was less impressive, running off the SSD was slooow (got to get me a Runcore), using both local archive files and remote disc (wired 100MB connection) the game was laggy and slightly unresponsive. I don't think Starcraft is going to be one of the games I enjoy firing up for a quick blast on the Mini during a train ride (lack of mouse would also probably suck).

Unfortunately not going to be running Starcraft any more, reclaiming the storage on both my SSD and SD Card. On the positive side, I will be transferring the full install onto my fileserver so I don't have to reinstall every time I want a nostalgic game to prep for SC2.

Hope that was useful for people
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Default Starcraft works great OSX 10.6.2 - 02-19-2010, 05:06 PM

I hate to resurrect an old thread especially as a new member, however I just loaded Starcraft directly from and downloaded the update manually... And it works great. The animations on the start screen are little choppy, but once I am in the game (with the animations turned off for characters) it runs smooth. I do have the 2GB of ram and OSX 10.6.2 but doubt that is helping as this game probably only uses 128mb of memory at the most. I haven't gotten in to a huge battle yet but it works awesome so far. I plan on playing battle net classic once I get my skills up.

Also anyone wanting CD-keys for cheap I recommend: Diablo 2 Items Store - Buy Cheap Diablo II Items from G2buy, Fast and 24/7 Support I got my CD-keys for under $5. I also purchased diablo II CD-Keys.

Anyhow see yall on battle net
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