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Default Speaker clicks after custom paint job.... - 05-01-2009, 07:48 PM

Hi all,
I completely tore down my OS X mini9 for a custom paint job (two toned purple and pink with gold leaf flakes). paint job came out nicely (i know, I'll post pics....) but after reassembling I have a speaker issue and am in need of advise....

Here's what's happening...

++ Usually, after playing audio for about 15 seconds, the speakers begin to click -- there is a small pause in the audio and then a pop. The clicking starts out at a frequency of maybe once a second and slowly increases to maybe 4 times a second after 30 seconds or so -- very annoying.

++ Muting the audio stops the clicking. After unmuting, the audio plays clean for about 15s, and then the clicking cycle resumes starting slow and increasing in speed.

++ When I plug in the earphones, the audio comes through the earphones just fine, but the clicking still happens. The clicks are audible both on the headphones and from the speakers

++during boot you can hear one or two clicks

++ I once was able to get the clicking to go away by booting with just the power adapter and no battery -- but that no longer seems to work either.

So I'm assuming I have some sort of grounding/short issue, but don't really have any good ideas about how to debug this. I was thinking of seeing what happens if I unplug speakers (with the hope that the headphones would still work -- not really an ideal solution but acceptable for now)... I've loaned the computer to a friend, so I have a few days to meditate on what to do -- but the main thing is not only is tearing down the unit tedious, I'm sure i'll be scratching up my paint job every time I pry off the palm rest -- yet on the flip side given that it's a grounding issue, probably the only sure test is when the unit in completely assembled with all screws in place -- so I'm trying to figure out a game plan that involves as few iterations as possible....

any thoughts....? thanks!
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