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Unhappy MobileMe Endless Syncing - no errors, but not working - 05-01-2009, 02:33 AM

Hey everyone,

So I figured I would throw this out there and see if anyone has any ideas, since I have exhausted everything I could think to try.

First, the specs:

- Dell Mini 9, 2GB memory, 32GB SSD running 10.5.6, DellEFI 1.2.a5

Everything works as expected on the unit (kudos to all the folks doing such great work on EFI, etc) except for MobileMe syncing.

Second, some history:

- Right after the OS X install and upgrade to 10.5.6 running DellEFI 1.1 I tried logging in and turning on MobileMe syncing. Prior to this I just had an iMac syncing to it and an iPhone. On those devices, working just fine. On the Dell Mini 9 the syncing would just keep going. It seemed to always hang at either Contacts or iCal (but mainly Contacts). When I initially turned it on I set it to replace all data on the Dell and let it go. Overnight. In the morning still spinning. I checked some of the items it seemed to complete, Mail info, Bookmarks, etc. Those it had pulled over.

- So I canceled the sync and tried again - reset data on the computer. This time I opened up Console and watched. It never reported any errors, but one thing I did notice that was odd, when the MobileMe preference window would be spinning on Contacts, Console would report that it was syncing Calendar info.

- So I hit this site to do some searching and see if anyone else had been having the issue. Aside from a few people who had some sync issues that resolved themselves, most people were fine, so I ruled out it being some Hackintosh issue. I did gather up all the troubleshooting steps others had tried and dug in and spent the day on it yesterday.

- My iMac being the main system, I decided to unregister all devices syncing with MobileMe, so I could wipe out everything on the servers. I turned it off on the Mini and the iPhone and last the iMac. It prompted me to clear everything on the server, which I did. Gave it a little bit, then, starting with the iMac, had that start syncing, overwriting all on MobileMe. All went fine. Then went to the Mini and started it up on there, told it to overwrite everything on it from MobileMe. Hours went by, never completed, never errored either.

- So then I created a new user account on the Mini and re-applied the 10.5.6 Combo Update. So with a fresh user I tried again. Same issue. At this point I installed the DellEFI 1.2a5 (didn't think it would hurt anything, nor help)

- Next I again created a new user and hooked it up via ethernet and gave it a whirl. Same problem. New user one more time, this time I tried to sync ONLY the Contacts. Same problem. Keep in mind, all this time, MobileMe is working without issue on my iMac and iPhone.

- So next up, I decided to manually drag over all my iCal and Address Book info, kick syncing on and tell it to Merge the data instead of Overwriting the computer. Same problem.

So I think I have come at this thing every which way but Sunday. I am assuming it is some kind of botched OS install...that is all I am left to conclude.

So my questions are:

1. Does anyone have any suggestions of perhaps something I have missed here?

2. Anyone else dealt with this issue?

3. Is it possible to pull off an archive and install - if so - any links to instructions on how to do that? (At the moment I have no external drive, so I would need to do it from a USB stick)

4. If I decide to do an erase and install - at the stage I am at now, what are the most current USB stick instructions (link please) on doing an erase and install?

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Default Re: MobileMe Endless Syncing - no errors, but not working - 05-01-2009, 05:46 AM

So I did some more reading on here, found the DellEFIBootmaker (thanks for all the work on that guys!) and decided just to re-install :geek:

It's running now and I will see if the problem persists on a clean install.

Hoping not since so many seem to not be having this issue at all.

That's all to report now!

Do love this forum though! Kudos to EVERYONE that gives to it.
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Default Re: MobileMe Endless Syncing - no errors, but not working - 05-01-2009, 08:45 AM


So this may be the part where I lose my mind....haha

Clean reinstall went off perfectly. Tried MobileMe syncing again....SAME PROBLEM. Ugh

I carefully watched the Console window and here is the interesting thing. It seems to go through the sync fine according to the messages, but when Console reports that it is moving on from Contacts to Calendar, it just sits at the Console message and in the System Preferences, MobileMe window it is still spinning away on Contacts.

So I killed the processes, dumped the SyncServices folder, preference files, etc, emptied trash and rebooted.

This time, I just turned on the Contacts sync (I have 397 contacts, so it isn't huge) and let it go, telling it to Merge.

I kicked open Console and again it seems to go fine, even said it ended, but again the System Preferences window shows it is still syncing.

I even kicked on and it shows the two contacts added from the Mini's Address Book to my existing Address Book on there. They also made it down to my iMac.

But the SyncServer is still going like crazy on the Mini, even though it appears to have synced up its info, but the Address Book on the Mini is not reflecting any of the changes from MobileMe (the other 397 contacts).

Head - wall hit.

Anyone have a clue on this one? This is just not making sense.
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Default Re: MobileMe Endless Syncing - no errors, but not working - 05-01-2009, 10:53 PM

So, again I spent a better part of my morning trying to figure this out.

Here is what I have been able to determine thus far:

Other items like Bookmarks, etc will sync. The two items that will not are Contacts and Calendar.

Two things I decided to try today. I upgrade the bios to A5 and stepped back to DellEFI 1.1

Made no difference though.

Last night I again took all of my systems off syncing, blew out the information on MobileMe and tried again. Still, every time it gets to getting the Mini to sync it goes forever, eventually will stop, but has not synced any Contacts or Calendar information.

This morning I made several attempts to get just the Calendar to restore from data on MobileMe. It will eventually finish, but nothing changes in Address Book or iCal.

Has anyone else seen this issue?
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Default Re: MobileMe Endless Syncing - no errors, but not working - 05-03-2009, 08:44 AM

Well just to end this headache with what the solution was....

For some reason the SyncServer on the Mini 9 was getting all hung up with the content in both the address book and calendars. Interesting thing is...only if I was syncing the two computers. In my troubleshooting, I decided to take my iMac off the sync routine and upload everything from my Mini 9. Same content. All went fine. Until I then told my iMac to join the process and have it reset from MobileMe, then my iMac started endlessly syncing.

Bottomline was, it was some odd MobileMe issue. To fix it I had to basically rebuild my Address Book and Calendar piece by piece and it all started working fine.

Oh Apple...MobileMe is so much better then it was...but still has some weird ones.

So if anyone does every land themselves in such a mess...feel free to PM me, I will save you some time.

Done ranting now...
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