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Default Can not get WWAN connection to AT&T w/ 5530 - 04-29-2009, 11:22 PM

Got a refurb Mini 9 today and 10.5.6 install went flawless, read the WWAN FAQ, copied the 5530 script and set up the ports no problem. However I can't get a WWAN connection to save my life.

My activated SIM is from a working Sierra Wireless 875U and good laptop connect plan. OS X has native support for the 875U and it can connect just fine on all my Macs as well as this Mini 9. I pop the SIM in the Mini 9 and nada. The SIM works fine on my other 5530 WWAN modem in my Studio XPS 16 (under Windows 7 and Dell's connect util) and I even went so far as to swap these 2 5530 modems in case the one that came in my Mini 9 was DOA.

I'm thinking it has to be my dialin settings.

After reading tons of forums and throttling Google's servers I tried a lot of combos. In general...

I set the APN (telephone number) to isp.cingular
Using ISP@CINGULARGPRS.COM as the username
CINGULAR1 as the password.

It starts to connect and then fails saying it can't est a PPP connection. I tried lower case, tried ISP.CINGULARGPRS.COM (also tried lower case) and I also tried my SIM's assigned mobile number eg 2125551212@CINGULARGPRS.COM Sometimes I can see it go from Connecting to Authenticating before Disconnecting, sometimes it just goes from Connecting to Disconnecting.

In all of my "real" Macs as well as the Mini 9 the USB laptop connect device sets up 2 ports, one is the mobilenumber@CINGULARGPRS.COM and the other ISP@CINGULARGPRS.COM but it shows 12 character passwords for the password used.

Since the password is obscured obviously I don't know what is provisioned in the SIM. Also the number of ***'s does seem to reflect the number of chars in the PW meaning if I use 8 char and come back I'll have 8 *'s and if I use 5 I come back to 5 *'s. Since the store bought USB laptopconnect card sets itself up with a 12 char PW I tried using CINGULARGPRS (12 char) as the PW and that didn't work. I don't know what other PWs to try.

What APN/UN/PW settings am I supposed to be using to connect to AT&T GPRS using a 5530 in OS X 10.5.6

EDIT - Other than not being able to connect to AT&T, everything else runs perfect. Used DELLEFI1.1 and the Miniboot123 8.02b1 on an all DVD install.
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