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Default Dual Booting OSX and Windows XP on an 8GB vostro/mini 9 - 04-25-2009, 05:36 AM

So here's the story so far, bear with me as I'm rather long-winded. Picked up a great condition, open box mini 9 today at best buy with an 8GB SSD and 1GB ram, webcam but no bluetooth for about $260 including tax. I had been previously considering getting a vostro A90 on the crazy official dell deal recently, but then it shot up to $250 with the forced upgrades and wouldn't have arrived till late may. Well considering how great this one looked and I'm currently typing this on my slimmed xp install today instead of a month from now and I'll upgrade the RAM and memory both later, rendering the 16GB SSD upgrade no huge benefit, I bit the bullet and nabbed my dell mini (even on a no restocking fee return policy no less!)

So anyways, enough about me. The fact is, I was very disappointed with the fact that many users on this forum have said that mac OSX wouldnt even install on the 8GB SSD, but i recently found out that may not be the truth. I'm in the middle of an important step that takes a couple hours for me, so i figured I'd spend my time asking this question: if I can manage to get OSX and XP to work reliably as a dual-boot option on the measly 8GB SSD, does anyone else think a guide for how to do it yourself would be any use?

I ask this because I am currently running with a slimmed XP install with all the drivers installed and even several programs installed like vmware player and such, and I've got 5GB free on my 8GB SSD. I just got done figuring out how to slim OSX (post-install) down to 2 GB BY ITSELF (sans hibernation), which will allow a good 2-3 GB chunk of the base SSD for a fat32 partition. That with my extremely small non-imposing PNY usb 8GB SD card/reader, a separate to-be-purchased SDHC card for the SD slot and a 16GB sandisk cruzer micro that I just happened to have lying around you're looking at a lot of bang for your buck with a dual-boot 200-250 dollar system (the vostro 8GB was 199) even with the 8GB SSD limitation.

So anyways, again, sorry if it was too long winded to understand, but would anyone like to know how to dual-boot slimmed versions of XP and OSX on as low as an 8GB internal SSD? With as much as 2GB free space left over?! Because that's what I think I'm about to accomplish tonight and I'm mad excited for it.

Not to mention, (assuming it's allowed here) I can then post a guide to add an extremely easy-peasy backtrack 4 vmware image and aircrack-ng packet injection guide for the mini 9 with hardware that cost me 30 bucks. Let me know if you're interested in such a post.

*goes back to slimming

edit: if anyone knows of any forum-safe way of posting this call for input in other parts of the forum, I'm listening.
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Default Re: Dual Booting OSX and Windows XP on an 8GB vostro/mini 9 - 04-25-2009, 12:07 PM


If you can manage this it would be huge.

I know I would love explicit instructions on how to get xp and os x dual booting on a 8gb ssd.

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Default Re: Dual Booting OSX and Windows XP on an 8GB vostro/mini 9 - 04-25-2009, 03:09 PM

I have an 8GB showing up on Monday with XP. I thought I was going to have to stick with just OS X. I'd love to hear how you figured this out.
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Default Re: Dual Booting OSX and Windows XP on an 8GB vostro/mini 9 - 04-25-2009, 05:34 PM

as it turns out, i likely won't be able to get osx down to 2GB after all, but i am almost certain dual booting with free space left over on each partition is possible. I haven't fully figured everything out about OSX on the mini 9 quite yet, but getting osx slim enough for this to work will definitely require getting rid of the file used for hibernation whether or not that works on the mini 9 yet so unfortunately that's a tradeoff. I'll let you know as soon as i finish it all up.
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Default 09-22-2010, 12:26 AM

DOes anyone know how you would do this with a dell mini 9 with 32 GB of SSD?
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Default 09-22-2010, 02:07 PM

Please check out the Dual Booting section of the forum.

Mini 9|2GB RAM|64GB RunCore|Intel 5300|Windows 10
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