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Default Ebay tiny Bluetooth adapter - 04-17-2009, 02:25 AM

I bought one of the tiny bluetooth adapters from ebay for $5.50, it works perfect in Windows XP without any drivers, however when I plug it into my Mini 9 it makes OS X load extremely slow and act very sluggish. If I insert it after OS X is booted up everything seems fine, except it still doesn't see it.

The other day I had a customer in my store with a tiny Targus branded one that looked almost identical to the one I bought, and OS X recognized it perfect.

Any suggestions where I might look for drivers? This has no brand name on it, the auction claims that the manufacturer also makes the adapters for Belkin, Targus and Fox, but apparently there are some differences.

I have no idea where to begin searching for the drivers. I did a google search and got back 10,800,000 results..... Without a model or part # I'm kinda screwed. Anyone have any suggestions for a cheap compatible one? I don't really want to open my case, so the OEM one is not my preferred method at the moment, but may end up going that router later.


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Default Re: Ebay tiny Bluetooth adapter - 04-17-2009, 02:55 AM

Problem with buying adapters on eBay is that you get cheap devices that are built with similar components but no idea what chipset they really use. Believe me, I still haven't found replacement XP drivers for one certain adapter after I scratched the included CD. The other unhelpful bit is that manufacturers such as Belkin and Targus use multiple chip technologies, one only need to look at wireless routers to get an idea of how this works. Basically I would try to use the device manager in XP to find the chipset manufacturer, run a Google search on that, and hope for the best. After that your best bet would be to go back to eBay and buy another one, this time checking the item description to see if it mentions Mac OS. No Mac OS details, no buy.

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Default Re: Ebay tiny Bluetooth adapter - 04-17-2009, 03:14 AM

Its listed as a Cambridge chipset, I searched for that and also got millions of hits, but of the first dozen or so I actually clicked on, none were actually mac related, they either were for Windows or Linux.

Oh well, I'll just leave it on my Windows desktop and get another for my Mini (paying more careful attention to the description) and use it to transfer files back and forth.

It works perfect in Windows, my phone sees it, can tether to my phone, and send files back and forth.

So not a complete loss.

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