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Default Need help getting a partition problem sorted out :( - 04-13-2009, 08:47 PM

OK, so I have OS installed on an external USB hard drive. I gave OS around 60gb to play with and wanted to use the rest of the space for general storage in Windows and mac OS. When I first installed OS, I formatted it into 2 partitions... one being the UNIX format that apple uses and the second in fat32 (or so I thought).

After the install was finished, I tried accessing the disk in windows and it wouldn't mount either partition as a drive letter (I could see both partitions in vista via diskmanager, but xp only showed 1... very odd). I assumed that I had messed up and used mac's file structure. No big deal, I'll just delete the large partition and leave the smaller alone. That caused me to loose both partitions for reasons that still baffle me. So I re-installed, but this time used 2 partitions, one being 'free space' (I assume this is OS's way of laving unallocated space on the disk?) and the other for OS's root.

After the install was all done, I went into windows and tried creating a partition from the unallocated disk space but windows wouldn't let me do it, so I went into OS and was able to format the disk in a Fat32 file system. Now cannot see it in either XP or Vista, pretty much back where I started.

Can anyone help me out? I'm able to use HSFviewer to view the contents of the partitions, but writing to them (or the storage partition at the least) is what I really need.

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Default Re: Need help getting a partition problem sorted out :( - 04-13-2009, 10:45 PM

I am no OSX expert but I imagine that you are creating a GUID format partition table, that is what OSX creates. XP doesn't understand GUID partition tables. I thought I had read that Vista does but maybe there are issues with it. Since neither is 100% compatible with GUID they can't mount the drive (assign a drive letter).

The only way to coexist is to use an MFT format partition table but that causes problems for installing OSX. Check out one of the dual booting XP and OSX threads for a work around to allow OSX to install to an MFT format partition table.

Hope that helps.

Pete B.
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