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Default possible to use previously installed OSX? - 04-10-2009, 05:32 PM

This is not a licensing question, sorry if I didn't word it clearly. Wasn't sure how to briefly sum up this question...

Most of the "OSX on a Mini" guides that I've read presume installing OSX through the Mini itself. What I'm wondering is, is it possible to install OSX through a real Mac, do all your slimming down and updating there, and then transfer that working installation to your Mini and "hackintosh it" after the fact? Or is it necessary that the driver insertion and EFI stuff be done during the installation process?

The reason I ask is, I happen to have a SSD with a USB port on it, which makes it easy as pie to connect to my real Mac. I feel that I can create a much more trimmed down installation of Leopard from there, because I can install packages manually instead of using the OSX installer (for an example of what I mean, see this guide intended for real Mac users). If this sort of method were possible, it would also be advantageous for Mini owners who would like to keep Windows or Linux as the sole OS on their SSD, and alternatively boot a minimal, very clean OSX instance from a thumbdrive.

Thanks to anyone who can answer this question, I've got my retail Leopard DVD and I'm eager to begin!
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Default Re: possible to use previously installed OSX? - 04-10-2009, 05:52 PM

This was a guide as an upgrade.

The trick is to install Mac OS X onto the new SSD attached to a real Mac (not a hackintosh), then set up a USB flash drive (as described in section B of the DellEFI tutorial by mechdrew), install the new SSD into the Mini 9, boot from the flash drive, then install the DellEFI drivers onto the SSD. Boom, you’re done.
Perhaps you could use it or parts of it to support your intent.

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Default Re: possible to use previously installed OSX? - 04-10-2009, 06:06 PM

Nice! Thanks, I think the bit of understanding I was lacking is that you can run DellEFI on an installed system. I thought you had to inject something into the installation or something. I suppose this makes sense though, after all people do upgrade their DellEFI on a running install all the time.

I think by using my real Mac, that I can do a very bare install of Leopard and keep it down in the 4.5gb range, where the smallest you can get using the installer is 6gb. On a 16gb SSD that will be really nice. Then I can get further slimmed down by eliminating applications my netbook won't use and trimming out the PPC executables in all my binaries, etc.

This is gonna be so much fun. :mrgreen:
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