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Default install fails at 100%, can't boot from SSD - 04-05-2009, 10:37 PM

Please forgive my lack of search-fu. I swear I tried.
I bought two mini 9s during Dell's recent sale with the intention of installing OS X on both. The install on the first one (2GB RAM 32GB SSD) went well enough using a singe 8GB USB key and in an afternoon I had OS X up and running smoothly. The second one (1GB RAM 16GB SSD) is giving me some trouble. The OS X install fails after saying "estimated time remaining: less than a minute" for several minutes. Most guide I've read say this is normal (although it didn't happen on my first one), so I went ahead and tried to boot from 81 with a -f extension. No luck. I see the apple screen for maybe 1 second before a big gray error screen tells me to reboot. I've tried using -x, -f, and both compatibility modes with no success. When I boot with -v, it ends on a line saying "System model name: Inspiron 910". I realize this is rather nondescript so I have a screenshot of the wall of text that I can email to anyone who PMs me willing to help. (Sorry I don't have a photobucket or anything). Thanks in advance for any help. I love my one functional MacBook Mini and I'm sure my sis will love this one once I defeat it.
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Default Re: install fails at 100%, can't boot from SSD - 04-05-2009, 11:05 PM

Maybe just try reinstalling from scratch again?

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Default Re: install fails at 100%, can't boot from SSD - 04-06-2009, 10:37 PM

yea I have the same problem with mine takes forever in the last minute and then it says that it fails, after that OS X works fine for some time but after one or two reboots it wont boot back up, to my knolege is the ssd (new 64GB Runcore) I already contacted MMD to get a replacement, if your other Mini works I suggest pulling the ssd from the working one into the other (failing mini ) and test, if the computer is fine it should work fine and if it does then it is the ssd, also if you can use the "possible bad ssd" on the Mini that works and try reinstalling to see if it finishes the install, hopefully that helps.
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Default Re: install fails at 100%, can't boot from SSD - 04-07-2009, 09:27 AM

I have the exact same problem. 10.5.6 with DellEFI1.1. Install fails with about 1 min left. After I reboot, I choose the new install (81) and it stays stuck at the gray screen with the apple logo. The round timer thing at the bottom center keeps spinning but nothing happens (I left it for a few hours to see if it just needed more time). -x, -f, or -f -x didn't work either. I've tried reinstalling MANY times from different flash drives, and all with no luck.

Is a bad SSD the only possible explanation? I have a 16gb SuperTalent. The weird thing is I had already tested out the drive with a Win7 installation and that worked flawlessly.
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