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Default Ethernet flakiness with some Bonjour services and workaround - 04-04-2009, 02:53 AM

My Mini is running 10.5.6 and using DellEFI 1.1, 2GB RAM and 64GB STEC. Most operation of the machine is per-spec with the occasional sleep/wakeup/shutdown glitches that seem to be par for the course.

Networking operation is good with one glaring exception. I have had trouble cross-mounting file shares via Apple File Sharing (AFP protocol) and sharing iTunes media libraries, but only when ethernet is the Mini's sole enabled network interface. (The servers are always on wired ethernet connections to my router). No hiccups are experienced when operating these protocols over WiFi, or when both ethernet and WiFi interfaces are enabled. But if WiFi is turned off via the Menu Bar Airport icon or in the Networking Preference pane, the servers will be disconnected.

Both these file sharing protocols use the Bonjour service discovery methods. I've been watching these network services using Bonjour Browser and I can see the availability come and go as WiFi is enabled and disabled.

Interestingly, if the Mini has file sharing enabled, it's shared volumes always remain visible to the other servers, even when their shares are dropped by the Mini (so I can always push files to the Mini from the servers.)

I did alot of reconfiguration of my LAN to eliminate the possibility that my router or particular servers were the problem. They don't seem to be the source. I also tried running the Mini under different (and freshly created) user accounts to see if individual user prefs might be the problem, but the behavior is the same regardless of which user is logged in. BTW, I'm running the Psystar RealTek1000 ethernet driver as per DellEFI 1.1. and kextstat shows it is indeed loaded. I seem to remember this same flakiness when I was running the original Apple ethernet drivers as well.

WORKAROUND: If I disable WiFi and then reboot, then I can hold these server connections indefinitely until Wifi is enabled again. After that, the behavior becomes flaky - I may see the servers for awhile, they may come and go (especially if I unplug and re-plug the ethernet cable) but they are unreliable.

This post regarding iPhone remote control operation seems to be describing the same problem.

Is everyone else experiencing this behavior?
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Default Re: Ethernet flakiness with some Bonjour services and workaround - 04-06-2009, 07:32 PM

Yes, there's definitely some weirdness with Bonjour and Ethernet connections. The odd thing is that it seems to be just Bonjour; when the mini disappears from the Finder/browser, I can still manually connect to it using its IP address.

I even tried disabling the WiFi adapter in the bios, but that seemed to make things worse. Your workaround seems to be the best option for now.
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Default Re: Ethernet flakiness with some Bonjour services and workaround - 04-10-2009, 12:14 AM

Trying to track this down I also disabled WiFi in my router, which also disconnected several Windows machines on my LAN. Even after a reboot of the Mini, router, and my Mac server there was no difference in behavior.
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