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Default Running larger programs from an SD card or flash drive? - 04-02-2009, 07:00 PM

My mini is on the way, and I'm already planning on what I want to install.

I'll be puting osx on it, no question :mrgreen:

However, I want to be able to take the computer with me and my camera on trips, and therefore wouls like to be able to do some very very light image editing (RAW editing and Photoshop type tweaks). To do so I'll need to install something like Lightroom and Photoshop (or Gimp, etc..) I know space is an issue with the Mini 9 and subsequently I've ordered one with a 32gig SSD. Even though I've got more space, I don't necessarily want to fill it with programs I will only use ocassionaly. With that it mind, could I isntall Photoshop and Lightroom on an SD card or a flash drive and run them from there when I need the capability? Can anyone see why this wouldn't work?

If this works, I'd probably like to do something similar with Garageband. I use it as a midi processor for live music and would love it if it only took up space on my computer when I was actually using it (defintiely not an everyday type of thing).

Does this make sense? Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Default Re: Running larger programs from an SD card or flash drive? - 04-02-2009, 08:04 PM

Adobe apps tend to have their own funky installers, and I wouldn't be surprised if Photoshop or Lightroom refused to install on or run from another disk. Give it a try though. You might also want to look at Pixelmator. It's a pretty decent Photoshop clone and behaves a lot more like a Cocoa app than PS. And it's about 80 MB.

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Default Re: Running larger programs from an SD card or flash drive? - 04-03-2009, 04:20 AM

I'd really like to know if this is feasible also since I too will be going on a trip and would like to be able to run iphoto from an SD card or a USB instead of installing it
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Default Re: Running larger programs from an SD card or flash drive? - 04-03-2009, 05:15 AM

I installed CS4 on my SD Card. The lame Adobe installer forbids you from installing their apps onto flash media like thumb drives and our sd card.

So this is what I had to do.
I had to plug in a USB external hard drive and rename one of the HFS Journaled Partition the same name as my SD Card. My SD Card happens to be called "Not a Coin Slot". I ejected the sd card, plugged in the external drive and renamed it "Not a Coin Slot".

So now the path to that drive (as far as the Adobe software is concerned) is /Volumes/Not a Coin Slot
I then installed all the Adobe stuff in a folder called Creative Suite 4 on the USB Drive.
So again, CS4 is now installed on /Volumes/Not a Coin Slot/Creative Suite 4

So then all I had to do was eject the USB Drive, and plug in the SD Card then plug in the hard drive after the sd card.
now the SD card has a path of /Volumes/Not a Coin Slot/
the Drive now has a path of /Volumes/Not a Coin Slot 1/
So i used the finder to copy the Creative Suite 4 folder from the USB Drive to the SD Card. After that was done I renamed the usb drive back to what it was

Eject the usb drive and restart the dell just for good measure.

Adobe software should no longer give you any trouble about it being on flash media.

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Default 10-22-2009, 07:59 PM

does this work for all applications...??? cause i tried doing it with microsoft office and it didn't work...any ideas??
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