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Default Re: Dell 9/OSX/Airplane? - 04-01-2009, 12:17 AM

Actually a scheduled airliner with greater than 10 passenger seats is under part 121. If the scheduled airliner has less than 10 passenger seats, it would by under FAR 135. FAR 121.306 is basically the same thing as the 91.21 or 135.144.

I always look as as these regulations as 91 puts limits on all operations, private, airline, commercial, etc. If you look closely at part 61/91, any rule where you can ignore it for 135/121 operations usually states it somewhere in the regulation itself (or in a preceding regulation.) FAR 91.21 states that a holder of an operating certificate (what non-aviation person would know as an airline/charter) determines the acceptable policy, and that is also backed up under 121/135 regulations.

I think sometimes that they stack the regulations like this because if the FAA lawyers went after someone they could charge a violation of both 91.21 and also 121.306 (or 135.144 as appropriate.) So instead of the standard $10,000 fine & a year in jail, they could get a $10,000 fine & one year in jail for each regulation violated, since both were violated, they can double the penalty.

The FARs were either wrote by the dumbest lawyers at the FAA...... or the smartest.

(These fines/prison are rarely imposed against the general public, the only time I can think of was that guy who got drunk and **** on the beverage cart a few years ago during a flight.) ... neran.html

The place I work at changes regulations for every flight, sometimes it's 91, other times it's 91K (fractional), then other times it's 135 (on demand ops.) Our operations looks at every flight and determines which regulations we will operate under for each departure. Even something as simple as the weather needed for departure changes depending on which regulations the flight is under.

91/91K flights would be under the 91.21 regulation, unless it is an 135 operation, then it would be both a 91.21 and 135.144 violation if an electronic device was improperly used during that leg.

I guess we are straying off topic, the point is that legally if the airline has a "no wireless transmission" policy with in flight use of electronics we have to comply with it, no matter which regulation the operation is conducted under.

I'm just trying to figure out how to do it with the Dell 9 Hackintosh. It sounds like I can turn off wireless like a normal mac, but the bluetooth has to be disabled at the bios. (None of this has to do if a device actually could cause interference, under all those regulations electronics are prohibited unless they are allowed by the airline; almost guilty until proven innocent.)

(I guess they are all set with the regulations in place when they say "Sorry, we prohibit wireless internet as it may interfere with the aircraft, but you can rent a "safe" wireless USB dongle for a $20 charge....) :lol:
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Default Re: Dell 9/OSX/Airplane? - 04-01-2009, 01:19 AM

Ah, you're right. Anyway, I don't think turning the WiFi off in OS X is actually turning the radio off, because it doesn't seem to affect the system's power usage at all. Maybe I'll stick one of my systems in passive monitor mode and see if the card still transmits when it's supposed to be off. To be sure though, you'll need to turn off WiFi in the BIOS.

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