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Default Re: Rotate Display in OS X for ebooks. - 03-31-2009, 02:14 PM

Back in the Tiger days, you were able to rotate a Mac laptop's display by holding down the option key while clicking the Display prefpane. I think it was still something of a beta feature at that point, because you could do it on any display, but only with the option key. Apple removed that behavior at some point for internal laptop displays -- it might very well have disappeared with Leopard. Some driver or prefpane hacking might get it to work.

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Default Re: Rotate Display in OS X for ebooks. - 03-31-2009, 02:28 PM

Most of them are in PDF and few in CHM. I tried preview and it rocks; pretty much what I wanted. The slideshow option is perfect. Do you guys usually change the default font? For some reason the pdf files in full screen look a little blurry (the text is jagged. I checked the anti-alias option in Preview and it's on (I tried switching it off and no difference).

Originally Posted by bmcclure937
Originally Posted by uberDesi
Actually I should have phrased my question differently. I don't need the entire display but just the ebook to rotate. I am using Yep trial edition but it can rotate only by page and not the entire book (not sure if that was Yep or Adobe Acrobat.

Originally Posted by bmcclure937
I am still trying to figure out why you would want to rotate your entire display to portrait just to view an ebook...

as someone mentioned before, if you are using Preview to view the ebook as a .pdf then you can rotate it from within the software. If you are using some other ebook reader, please share what it is so we can help you further.

I am sure most modern ebook software will allow rotating the book from within the application rather than having to rotate your entire display orientation from landscape to portrait!
And what format are the ebooks? As we have mentioned previously in this thread... if they are PDF then you can simply use Preview (built into OSX) and rotate it

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