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Default "Wish I knew____ before I started" Thread! Your advice here - 03-28-2009, 02:53 AM

My Mini is scheduled to be delivered on Monday, as is a 16GB SSD. I will be installing OS X on it using the methods found here (All USB drive install. I already have the two sticks ready to go!). Hoping to learn from everyones first-hand experience, I am wondering if anyone has advice or "heads up" for things that go wonky, things I should do essentially things YOU wish YOU knew before you started. All advice is appreciated!
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Default Re: "Wish I knew____ before I started" Thread! Your advice here - 03-28-2009, 03:14 AM

I dunno how much this can help but here's my story:

I also prepared as you did except I did it on my Mac directly, meaning I made two folders for the two partitions (I used one stick initially), one with the kexts and one with the Installer dmg.

Things didn't go great at first, not that it was terrible, but I couldn't boot into the Installer...oddly enough, I kept getting a loop, send back to the "select usb storage device to boot from" screen. So I reformatted the USB stick, recopied the files and it worked, weirdly enough, I used the same settings as the first time. I rebooted and loaded into the installer, which set up OS X without a hitch (took about 30 minutes for me). I got the install succeeded message and restarted the Mini. Now was the kext step: loading up the drivers/extenstions needed to run OS X for the first time.

Again I hit a little hitch here but got out of it easily enough, the FAT32 partition of my USB stick didn't want to load up the bootloader screen (where i can choose to install the drivers). It just refreshed my syslinux files and the code that was there initially reappared again, as if you'd hit "refresh" on your browser. Frustrated with my inability to boot off the FAT32, I restarted and loaded directly into Leopard. First time didn't work well since I got stuck at the migration screen (aka "do not transfer files from another computer" followed by a beachball hang). A little googling and I came up with the -f command, so I loaded back into the initial usb boot from the bios, selected the hard drive (with OS X installed on it), hit escape then typed "-f". It loaded back into Leopard again and all was well, I got past the migration screen and wifi was working/usb ports too (interestingly enough, I might've loaded the kexts anyway even though I didn't realize/see it on the screen previously). Downloaded 10.5.6 on my iMac and transferred it to the SSD with the usb key, took a long ass time to copy and install, rebooted, and got stuck at the Apple logo. No worries. The Mini rebooted again itself and I was back into Leopard. Still with 800xx600 and raw, I ran DellEFI 1.1 and rebooted. Back in for the last time, it was truly glorious...a fully functioning MacBook Mini.

Good luck!

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Default Re: "Wish I knew____ before I started" Thread! Your advice here - 03-28-2009, 03:49 AM

i used an external dvd drive for the boot cd and a usbdrive for the leopard. if you installed fine but get stuck on the looping registration part. restart and type -x before booting to the hardrive.
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Default Re: "Wish I knew____ before I started" Thread! Your advice here - 03-28-2009, 06:02 AM

The one thing that troubled me for hours during my install was booting into the Installer; after a few hours, I tried a different USB thumb drive and it worked instantly. After that I had absolutely no problems. So if you cannot get it to boot into the Installer, try a different thumb drive.

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Default Re: "Wish I knew____ before I started" Thread! Your advice here - 03-28-2009, 07:18 AM

Best advice I can give is just read everything in the How-To section and totally familiarize yourself with it. A huge proportion of the problems people report in the forums are clearly addressed in the how-tos.

Another tip which isn't so clearly mentioned, is "don't give up too quickly". If something appears to hang or get stuck give it plenty of time (i.e. at least 10 minutes) before giving up or powering down. Sometimes it is actually doing something.
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Default Re: "Wish I knew____ before I started" Thread! Your advice here - 03-28-2009, 08:24 AM

I was using a Sony external dvd drive and struggled for hours!!! I was about to toss my Mini out a window when I remembered I had an Xbox 360 HD-DVD add-on sitting by my tv. So I used that as my external dvd and it worked like magic!!!

oh..and.. I also struggled with burning an ISO to a cd. It was my first time and I didn't know that you couldn't just burn it as data onto the disc.

Black Dell Mini 9. Purchased as a 512k,4gb,1.3 webcam ,Ubuntu. Currently 2gbRAM, 32 Super Talent, OSX running like a dream
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Default Re: "Wish I knew____ before I started" Thread! Your advice here - 03-28-2009, 10:21 AM

A standard install of OS X will take around 11.5GB, leaving around 1.2GB free on a standard 16GB SSD. To free up space during installation select customise (on install summary page in OS X) and uncheck printer drivers (drivers can be added later as required) & language translations. This will free up over 5Gb.

As I recall, you may get an error message after the install has completed. Just ignore it.

Lastly, as other posters have indicated, if you're doing a DVD install make sure you actually create an ISO and be prepared to power cycle your DVD and unplug/plug the USB cable as the mini can be a tad sensitive to certain DVD players.

Good luck.

Dell Mini 9 2GB 64GB RunCore SSD BT 1.3MP 10.5.8 A05 NBI .8.3 RC3
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belfastbiker belfastbiker is offline
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Default Re: "Wish I knew____ before I started" Thread! Your advice here - 03-28-2009, 10:37 AM

Considering that the 8gb drive is so-so speed, and only gives 5.8gb free for osx (it won't fit), and considering that 2gb was best, I'm sorry I got the 1gb/8gb version, instead of the 512mb/4gb version.

Getting the smallest HD and upgrading to a 32gb runcore is the way to go, alongside some cheap 2gb ram.

Also sorry that my 8gb usb stick doesn't fit anything near 8gb either. Seems to vary between manufacturers. Was told an 8gb stick was fine, but for me, it ain't. Had to end up using an external HD as a memory stick. Then someone temporariliy use that as the main drive to install TO too.

My brain hurts.
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