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Default installing mac osx take 2... - 03-10-2009, 03:25 AM


Friday night, I spent about 3 hours installing my new RAM and 32GB SSD card along with 10.5.6 (retail package) on my dell mini 9. Followed the directions to a T, combining the ZDNet article, the osx86 directions, and the Gizmodo article just to make sure. Got everything updated, and aside from the fact that it takes FOREVER to boot, I was rather pleased with it. Was able to restart several times after installing updates different packages, etc with no problems whatsoever.

Had weekend plans, so powered it down and sat it aside until this morning. Took it along to work, got it out, set it on the desk, hit the power button, no boot. (Operating System not found). Ok. cool. Retry twice, it finally comes up, albeit it was running slowly.

Now, I either sat it too close to my iPhone (which puts off some wicked RF interference) or I've got a bad card, because at some point, it went into sleep mode and wouldn't wake up regardless of what I did. I went to restart it the fourth time and it completely died. Operating System not found, no matter what I tried, and yes, I tried the booting off of the CD and trying the -f option. Don't know why, or what happened...

Later, I got home and reinstalled everything again and -- like before -- it seems fine now, but has anyone else suffered similar weirdness? BTW, on the second install, Disk Utility didn't even see that a partition existed on the SSD card, which was weird in and of itself.

Hoping that today's install did the trick. When it's not having problems, I'm truly digging the little beasty.

BTW, I've completely disabled sleep mode, as I did earlier along with disabling the hibernate thing.

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Default Re: installing mac osx take 2... - 03-10-2009, 03:35 AM


Something similar happened to me a couple of months ago. The machine froze, I did a hard reset, and it wouldn't boot. I booted from the OS X installer, ran disk utility, and it didn't recognize that the SSD had a usable partition. It was weird. Anyway, I reinstalled and haven't encountered the problem since then. I never did figure out what the problem was.
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Default Re: installing mac osx take 2... - 03-10-2009, 06:44 AM

Drive corruption is not unusual... I've seen plenty of computers (Macs and Windoze) ship with corrupt installations... it can truly work one second and not the next. I have a "tech" boot on a 16GB flash drive with Diskwarrior installed. It can usually fix a corrupted drive without having to go back and reinstall the whole stinking OS. I'd say get that setup for a backup and just hope that it doesn't happen again

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