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Default Re: Apple Netbook? - 03-10-2009, 04:33 PM

I wouldn't completely discount an Apple netbook. The picture linked here is certainly a fake, but I think there's room in the market for something bigger and more capable than an iPhone.

I see this posted a lot here, and I'd like to clarify that the Mini 9 is not at all as fast as the Macbook Air, CPU-wise. The lowest-end Air ships with a 1.6 GHz Core 2 Duo ULV. Clock-for-clock, the C2D is roughly twice as fast per core as an Atom, so the 1.6 GHz Air is about four times faster in raw CPU throughput.

The chipset, RAM, disk performance, etc. are on par with a Mac Mini, but the Atom is really the bottleneck here. I'd say it's about equivalent to a PowerPC G4 at the same clock speed, which is impressive for an in-order CPU, but much slower than anything Apple is making right now.

Is there a market for these things running OS X? The people on this forum think so, but we're willing to sacrifice performance for portability and battery life. Apple, on the other hand, writes a lot of software, like iLife, that really doesn't perform well on the Mini, so they may not be inclined to ship an underpowered system and have to support it for the next five years.

One option would be to go with dual-core Atom 330, which might have enough performance for an Apple netbook. I'm thinking of something like the HP Mini-Note with Intel hardware. A 10" 1280x768 screen is a must. They could probably do it for $800, Apple tax and all. It's differentiated from the Air by a slower CPU.

In the meantime, since netbooks caught everyone by surprise, Apple probably should cut the Air's price. $1800 for a subnotebook just looks like a bad deal these days, regardless of hardware specs. I think it's telling that you hardly see an Air in public, especially after netbooks became popular. If they could sell it for $1000, they'd have an instant Apple netbook, but they'd probably be selling it at a loss at that price.

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Default Re: Apple Netbook? - 03-10-2009, 05:18 PM

If these rumours are true, I think they are preparing a tablet based on iPhone OS v3 (hopefully released this summer ). I donĀ“t see the point of having a touch screen on a notebook, and as as previous writer already pointed out, itĀ“s very unliklely that Apple would compromise the user experience with a slow CPU. If they would go with faster hardware they will end up with a computer like the MacBook Air, and we all know what that would do to the price. Conclusion: A very large iPod touch with a new OS seems likely to me.

Sorry for my weird english btw.
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Default Re: Apple Netbook? - 03-10-2009, 06:04 PM

Originally Posted by jhoff80
Honestly, I highly doubt that. OS X just isn't optimized for tablet input without a lot of work. Sure, they have Inkwell, but the handwriting recognition there doesn't even come close to that in Vista/Win7, and more importantly, it's just like a little add-on, not something that's pervasive throughout the whole system like the tablet features are in Windows. Seems like it'd be way too much work for them to even consider it.
But Snow Leopard might be. My understanding is that is designed to be less memory intensive and more user friendly on lower power units. We don't know if a full touch and handwriting interface has been developed for it. Just because we have not seen it in the betas, does not mean it is not almost fully developed at this point. Apple is known for holding their cards close to the vest untill the last possible moment. A Q3 release mignt just tie in very well with the Snow Leopard release.

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Default Re: Apple Netbook? - 03-11-2009, 02:18 AM

I don't have any insight on what Apple will do, but I really think they should fix the hole in their lineup left after the 12" powerbook was discontinued. That was a pretty sweet, pretty small system. I still use my 15" 1.67 ghz powerbook for work and it's fine for network and office tasks. But it is sort of a hard sell to tell someone who wants a small apple to go pay $700 for a used 12" PB.

I also have an iTouch, and while cool, it just doesn't have the ease of input you get with a real keyboard. Touch keyboards simply lack any tactile feedback -- fine for hunt and pecking out a couple words, but a disaster if you are writing more than three sentences. Not as bad as the Apple Wheel though. ;-)

I could see a netbook with a touchscreeen, keyboard, and no mousepad. Look at your mini9 -- subtract the mousepad and it could be 2" narrower, except there would be absolutely no palmrest and using a touch screen is hard because fatigue issues come up -- something that's been known since the 60s:

BTW, this video blew me away when I first saw it. Yes, much of the polish is missing, but the underlying UI for computers is basically five decades old -- sure, we've had five decades of refinement, miniaturization, and mass marketing, but no real new ideas with respect to UI in ages. Even live interactive videochat w/ interactive whiteboard was done by 1968: See the above video at 15:30.
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Default Re: Apple Netbook? - 03-11-2009, 10:31 AM

Looks like this rumor is starting to gain some legs...

Apple Plans To Launch Netbook With Touch Screen-Sources (CNN)
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Default Re: Apple Netbook? - 03-11-2009, 03:41 PM

I agree with pianoman. Two year contracts are coming due. If we see anything special, it may be the double sized iPhone that's been rumored for a while now. The bottom line is that it's hard to guess Apple's release schedule.

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