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Default Re: does mini 9 run 720p?? - 03-01-2009, 04:19 PM

Originally Posted by TheDoctah
Ive tried playing a couple 720p x264 mkv's through VLC on my mini. No success, it plays, you hear the audio, but it drops frames like theres no tomorrow. I think after installing osx and so forth, the mini just doesnt have what it takes to decompress the container and display the video.

I've also tried 720p flash content from youtube without any luck, just starts locking up. That was worse than VLC, since I actually found it hard to move the cursor around while doing that, i was scared the Mini 9 would lock up completely.

On a side note, that was all just to push my luck, i never expected any of it to work. Whats the point in 720p on any of these netbooks? Its a higher resolution than the screen handles and its unnecessarily large. Normal DivX content looks like HD content on our tiny screens. Even youtube videos look HQ on this tiny screen, they take up more than half of the screen! haha

I've read people have had luck with WMV-HD content on the Mini 9's
I depend a lot on the complexity of the h.264 720p video encoding. The more complex (higher profile) the more CPU it takes to decompress. h.264 is very demanding on the CPU... maybe if Apple introduce support for h.264 decoding by the GMA950 we will have better luck.

Dell Mini 9
OS X 10.5.6
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Default Re: does mini 9 run 720p?? - 03-12-2009, 03:16 AM

mismatching resolution is besides the point here i think.

HD content is readily available these days, and I don't wanna have to re-encode the movies i have in my library to watch on my dell mini 9, that completely defeats the purpose of having mobile computers. Don't wanna have to plan conversions days before going on holidays or a road trip, you simply want to drag the file over, start packing your bag & know that it'll be there before departing.
You might have some beefy system that'll re-encode HD movies in say 1hr, but that's 1hr i dont have - why layout 802.11n with gigbit ethernet around the house if you have to spend hours re-encoding?

Also, VGA out is there to be utilised, most monitors these days will support over 1280x720.

Hope i get my mini 9 delivered today/tomorrow... can't wait
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Default Re: does mini 9 run 720p?? - 03-27-2009, 09:16 AM

no dice for me for 720p x264 mkvs.

the point isn't really hi def itself for me, its so i don't have to convert a hi def film to watch it on the netbook!!!
I have a media centre HDTV setup so the majority of my movies are 720p mkvs. and converting them takes ages even on my workstation E6600 overclocked.
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