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Default Display Disassembled (or, how I broke my power connector) - 02-27-2009, 04:21 PM

I posted this in the Apple Stickers thread, as people were speculating on modding their plastics, but since I'm sure there are interested modders that might not dig down into that thread, I thought I'd post a new topic.

I got my bluetooth module in yesterday, and decided to install it this evening. While I was at it, I figured what the hell, let's take apart the display and see what's in there.

The mission was a success, however, in my idiocy and enthusiasm, instead of the display connector, I disconnected the power jack connector, and broke it in the process. Sh*t. I'll probably have to order a whole base unit to get a new one - I doubt the DC jack is a discretely orderable part. Or convince them to give me one under complete care. Or find a new connector head (shown below) on digikey tomorrow.

As for the screen, it was fairly easy to remove according to the service manual. Just gotta be gently brave taking the bezel off (they really do mean pry from the inside, as it twists the catches downwards). Attached are pictures I took of the back of the LCD, and the inside of the plastic.

Back of the LCD
Seems to just be covered with a paper-thin layer of white plastic. There may be more foil underneath, like in the MSI wind guide posted earlier in the thread. Probably cut-awayable for glow effect.

Inside of the plastic cover
Seems to be covered in foil, and then has some black padding - I guess to compensate for the slight curvature. The only issue for me is whether that official apple plastic bit will actually fit between the screen and the case plastic, but I'm guessing yes for now.

There you go. Hope that helps. Think I'm going to order one of those mac lids and try it. Worst case I guess I order a new plastic back. But I'm very, very wary of cutting away from the back of the LCD panel. I really should just get a sticker.

EDIT ------> From what he seems to be saying in that wind guide, I think it's possible that the glow will show through that white material, and should not be cut.
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Default Re: Display Disassembled (or, how I broke my power connector) - 02-27-2009, 09:54 PM

After all that, I just found this thread:

My power-destroying adventure was totally unnecessary. Oh well. I learned something. Though my laptop is going back to Dell for a few days to get serviced apparently (oh Complete Care. Always a good choice).
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