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Default Formatting Hard Drive - 02-25-2009, 04:58 AM

So I've got an 8gb model. When I go into the disk util, it reads out as 7.2gb. When partitioned with the disk util, it gives me a partition that is 6.8gb. That again makes sense as I've been reading the journal takes up ~300-400mb. So we end up with 6.8gb. So great, that makes sense. I only need 5.8gb to install OSX without fonts, languages, and printer drives, so we exit out of disk utility.
However, once I'm back at the installer, and on the screen that allows you to select which drive you want to install Leopard on, my SSD reports a total capacity of 6.8gb, only 5.8gb of which is free!
It's like for some reason 1gb is just not usable. I've erased it countless times. In the disk utility on the Partition tab, the little diagram thing has a decent chunk shaded blue. Now on my other mac I've always thought the blue was used space. But on this... How could it be used? I JUST erased and repartitioned it! This happens every time, I've tried booting, rebooting, over and over. I'm so close it's ridiculous. With extra fonts, language packs, and printer driver unchecked I'm a few 100mb off.. with X11 unchecked (which i'm not sure if I need or not?) I'm literally 30mb away.

I'm doing the install with two USB Flash drives, a 2gig for the Boot123 and an 8gb for the Leopard. For the leopard flash drive, I literally just made a .dmg of the disk and then copied it to the flash drive. Is there any way to slim down the .dmg and therefore the final install? It seems all of the slimming programs are POST install, and that just doesn't cut it.

Is there somethign I'm missing in the disk utility? I do NOT understand why I have something that is partitioned for 6.8gb automatically has 1gb used when I go back to install.
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Default Re: Formatting Hard Drive - 02-25-2009, 06:51 AM

Yannick DEVOS - Nature-Mekong
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