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Default Suggestion: One FAQ document - 02-22-2009, 04:08 AM

The mini9 seems to be the most OS X compatible netbook: almost everything works out of the box. And thanks to the work of Type11, bmaltais and others, the few small problems are quickly disappearing. So, OS X on the mini9 is popular. Recently, there's even been some positive publicity, which has led to even more new users. There seems to be quite a few newbie users/questions lately. Some of these questions can (and should) be answered by consulting the FAQ area. However, the FAQ area contains quite a few documents, each containing quite a few posts (and some, as in the case of dual booting, give conflicting information). Thus, to make things easier for new users (and the regular forum members that answer their questions!), I would like to suggest the creation and use of a single FAQ document. Perhaps something along the lines of:

Hardware / prior to purchase - what kind of mini9 do I need? OS X? etc. Can I buy the Ubuntu model? Upgrades. etc.

Installation - how can I install OS X? dual boot Ubuntu/XP/Win7 and OS X? etc.

Post-installation - what can I delete? how can I swap the keys?

We could have it in both pdf form as well as a post on the forum. If there was a maintainer, they could update maybe once a week or so (bmaltais seems to work 24/7, so it might be impossible to match his updates!). We could quickly refer new users to this document (and maybe even delete those one-question posts to avoid clutter).

Just a suggestion!
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Default Re: Suggestion: One FAQ document - 02-22-2009, 06:24 AM

Yes! I second that emotion, bigtime. Thank you, sircharles.

In advance of attempting the install on a stock Ubuntu mini I've owned for 2 wks, I've been reading so many FAQ and related threads that I'm dizzy (if not also paralyzed). So yes, I heartily agree.
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Default Re: Suggestion: One FAQ document - 02-22-2009, 11:00 PM

I think mechdrew handled this recently. See what you think of this thread:

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Default Re: Suggestion: One FAQ document - 02-23-2009, 12:26 AM

sircharles, I like some of your suggestions. I have been working on a guide, like bamf mentioned, but it doesn't have a lot of that stuff. It's a work in progress, so far the installation is complete, but I will keep this post in mind as I go forward. Thanks for the tips.

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