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Default Re: Trying to Learn; Please Help - 02-21-2009, 03:43 PM

Some other things for the OP to note too (and I don't know how much Unix/Linux/etc. experience you have):

In *nix (of which OS X is since it is built on BSD), there are a few conventions for file paths that you should know. If you see someone say "/" that is the Windows equivalent of saying "C:\" (assuming you only have 1 drive in your Windows system). In *nix all paths begin with that "/" path.

In Windows we tend to think of things based on which drive they are one. You many have multiple hard drives, so you might have C, D, E, etc. + a letter representing your CDROM drive (and potentially other things too - SD drive etc.). In *nix you can get to everything by starting with the / path. So when you mount something in OS X, you can find it in /Volumes/NameOfWhatYouMounted.

If you need to make a call to a file in a relative path in *nix, you can use the convention "./" to signify run from the current location. So if you were in terminal and wanted to run a file that is not in your executable path, then you can call ./applicationName (assuming you are already in the correct directory and that the file is marked as "runnable".

Just a few things I thought might be helpful for someone switching over from the Windows world...

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Default Re: Trying to Learn; Please Help - 02-21-2009, 03:52 PM

Thanks, bamf.

Very helpful. Mac is a whole different world as compared to Windows.


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