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Nautiker Nautiker is offline
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Default 08-27-2009, 08:37 AM

Whats verry nice is my favourite

ScummVm for Mac - to have a little gaming fun on long flights whith the good old Lucas Arts (tm) adventures.

Its free and multi platform

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jeonatl3 jeonatl3 is offline
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Default 08-27-2009, 10:05 AM

For me, my top apps are:

TextWrangler - awesome free text editor, syntax highlighting, FTP up/download - and did I say free? Made by the people who make BBEdit.

Spotify - free music, awesome. Just edit the config file if you are a 8Gb user and set the cache to something like 50Mb... the lowest you can set it in the app itself if 1Gb for some reason.

VLC - plays everything, well.

Cyberduck - FTP and WebDav access, free, works well, not as nice as Transmit but that costs money.

Skype - turns your Mini 9 into a free videophone, or a regular phone if you pay a small amount for a subscription.

Adium - the best IM client out there period! Why can't Microsoft, AOL and the like make their clients look this nice?

I got rid of:

Safari - never use it.
iChat - never use it.

Was going to trash iTunes as well but left it because sometimes it comes in useful for streaming from one computer to another.

dell mini 9 - 8gb ssd - 2gb ram - mac os x 10.5.6
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Thyraz Thyraz is offline
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Default 09-18-2009, 08:00 AM

plainview : software : the barbarian group

The only Fullscreenbrowser for OS X I know (Based on Webkit Engine).
Perfect for small displays like on our Dell Minis.

You can still use Expose or switch programs to get out without closing.

CMD+N gives you a new tab/window, CMD+W closes the active one.
All other needed shortcuts are displayed on the startpage, or can also be accessed through the contextmenu (right-click).

Would never use it on my iMac, but on the Mini it's georgous.
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Victor Victor is offline
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Default 10-06-2009, 02:17 AM

Google Chrome and Opera 10 has full screen view on the Mac OS X and they are great for the small Dell Mini screens.

I was surprised to discover that Firefox doesn't have full screen view on the Mac OS X because the Windows version has full screen view.

Dell Mini 10v hackintosh owner -
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scottyrox scottyrox is offline
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Default 10-06-2009, 12:04 PM

Safari-web browser
cabos-download music
iTunes-play music
Photo Booth-take pics with webcam
Adobe Photoshop CS4-pic editing
iDefrag-disk defragger
CleanMyMac-cleans out cashes and other stuff like that
CleanApp-uninstall programs
Monolingual-get rid of other languages
Xslimmer-slims down programs
aMSN-msn messenger
Blackberry Desktop Manager-for my phone duh!
SwapMyDock-lets you change your dock

Alpine White Dell Mini 9 | 16GB Super Talent SSD | Windows 7 Ultimate | 2GB RAM | Bluetooth | Internal USB Hub | 2GB PNY Internal Jump Drive | 16GB PNY Internal Jump Drive | BIOS A05 |

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alaskasteve alaskasteve is offline
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Default 10-07-2009, 12:36 AM

Most of the apps i use have already been listed, but didn't see this one.

TextMate ? The Missing Editor for Mac OS X

and for photo editing, Seashore
its basically a cocoa port of Gimp.
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InSearch InSearch is offline
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Default 11-12-2009, 10:39 AM

I had no idea there are so many "must have" applications. Just want to add SyncMate ( - a nice synchronization tool as for a freeware.
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ajclarkson ajclarkson is offline
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Default 11-21-2009, 09:10 PM

MarsEdit for some offline blogging while on trains etc? Might as well catch up on your posts in that downtime!

Dell Mini 10v Black | Snow Leopard 10.6.2 | 2GB RAM | 160GB HDD
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ppafford ppafford is offline
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Default 12-03-2009, 05:53 PM

Mini 10v | N270 | OSX 10.6.2 | NBI 0.8.3 | 2GB RAM | 160GB | BIOS A05|
Mini 10v | N280 | OSX 10.6.2 | NBI 0.8.3 | 1GB RAM | 160GB | BIOS A05|
Dell Mini 10v OSX FAQ

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snkhan snkhan is offline
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Default 12-06-2009, 11:50 PM

I recommend:

Growl - System Notifications
Perian - Codec
Dropbox - File sync software
Glims - Safari plugin
Safari Adblock - Safari plugin
Safari Cookies - Safari plugin
Tweetie - Twitter client
Gruml - RSS reader with integrated Google Reader support
Ecoute - Tiny iTunes player
TheHistList - To do/GTG list thing

For those members using Safari - please do install Glims. It really is one of the best Safari plugins out there.

Dell Mini 10v | A06 | 10.6.2 | NBI 0.8.3 RC5
iLife '09 | iWork '09
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