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cmoney cmoney is offline
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Default 05-29-2010, 12:57 PM

here's my must-haves on the mini:

snowtunes noir max (black menubar)
folderteint (changes system folders colors)
loginox (changes login screen)
silent night itunes (black itunes skin)
secrets (pref pane with lots of neato hidden stuff)
perian (swiss army knife video decoder pref pane)
geektool (system info displayed on desktop pref pane)
flip4mac (wmv decoder pref pane)
chrome (dev build)
iLife 09
iWork 09
aperture 3
reason 4
recycle 2.1
traktor pro
beatunes (bpm/key finder for itunes)
istat menus 2
tuneup (itunes library cleaner)
soundflower (audio output to input; great for recording streaming stuff)
audacity (free audio editor; really powerful if you dig in)
window wrangler (scroll off desktop area with key commands)
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PeteG PeteG is offline
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Location: Australia
Default 06-02-2010, 09:01 AM

This plug-in for iTunes really helps.(free trial)

Dell Mini 10v | 1GB Ram | BIOS A06>A04 | NBI 20100616212351 | 160GB HHD | 10.6.4
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MrThePineapples MrThePineapples is offline
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Default 06-16-2010, 10:24 PM

UPDATED: In response to jwervel16.

I just recently installed Snow Leopard on my 10V and have been very minimalist with installing apps. I really just use my netbook for browsing and e-mail.

RSS READER: Gruml - RSS reader that syncs with Google Reader. Runs really quick. Isn't as crowded as NetNewsWire.

Xslimmer - Saved a couple of gigs right off the bat with this (had to pay, of course).

AppCleaner - Uninstalls everything, it seems.

The Unarchiver - Small, but effective

DOCUMENTS: Bean - My word processor of choice. Bare-bones. More than enough to write papers.

BROWSER: Chrome - Out of beta and has been stable for me. Also, very fast.

VIDEO PLAYER: VLC - plays videos.

TWITTER: Tweetie - Simple Twitter client. Easy for me to keep up tweets.

Caffeine - I don't know about you, but my 10V running 10.6.4 does chew up a lot of battery without doing very much. The Energy Save settings are tailored to save battery when its idled. However, I don't want to have to keep waking up my Mini to read what's next on a recipe while making dinner. Caffeine makes that painless.

TORRENT: uTorrent - Still in beta, but works great for me.

Dropbox - Super easy for transferring files in between computers.

Better Touch Tool - I use this exclusively for the Aero Snap feature. Can be handy for typing in bean and reading from Chrome.

I almost only use my hackintosh for doing homework at the coffee shop and browsing while watching TV.

Dell Mini 10V, OSX
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Felixz Felixz is offline
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Default 06-18-2010, 02:08 AM

seriously over loaded my Mini

Virtual DJ
Scale Resolution
window wrangler
Voice candy
little snitch
and a few games..

pineapples got the right idea as I only ever surf really.

agree with jwerevel16, but the question is a pice of string question as 'must have apps' ermm must have apps for who~? every ones different..

Dell Mini 10v 1gb ram 160gb hdd  A04  boot os-OSX.6.7  XP sp3 on Vbox  NBI********51
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jwervel16 jwervel16 is offline
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Default 06-18-2010, 07:18 PM

No offense, guys, but "must have" does not equal "everything that happens to be in my Applications folder".

We should go one further than MrThePineapples and make a tidy, categorized sticky / poll of truly useful apps. For example:

Torrents: ____

Video: ____

FTP: ____

Documents: ____

Et cetera!
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atkpilot1 atkpilot1 is offline
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Default 01-12-2011, 09:03 PM

I like Opera better than firefox as a browser. Plus they are the underdogs. Very stable, easy to use.
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Slothtyper Slothtyper is offline
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Default 01-14-2011, 05:55 PM

My favorite is NetBookInstaller......but Mac The Ripper and Handbrake are up there for ripping and encoding......

Mini 9 | OS X 10.6.5 Via USB Mac on 64G RunCore | 2G Ram | Bios A05 | NBI 8.4 Special | Bluetooth | Legacy Off | 1.3MP

Mini 10V
| OS X 10.6.5 Via USB Mac on 160G HD | 2G Ram | Bios A06 | NBI 8.4 Special | Bluetooth | Legacy Off | 1.3MP

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devastate devastate is offline
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Default 01-25-2011, 03:43 PM

Adium - best IM messenger.
Quicksilver - allows to start applications (and do just about everything) with a few quick taps of your fingers.
ActyMac Duty Watch Remote
- application keylogger with lots of functions,FREE trial
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Tuliy Tuliy is offline
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Smile 09-22-2011, 06:03 AM

I must have these applications on my Mac: Safari, FireFox, Chrome, Amac Keylogger and AIM, MSN, Adium.

Best Wishes

Last edited by Tuliy; 09-27-2011 at 09:10 AM.
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qing2apple qing2apple is offline
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Default 10-08-2011, 09:12 AM

its so nice to visit here a nice thread. Am so impressed with your such a good hard work, its definitely a good and diferent idea for others, you guys are doing good work good luck, keep it up..
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