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Default Re: AppleScript error with MiniScript 7.9 - 01-28-2009, 12:46 PM

Originally Posted by Movemint
so maybe i am doing this wrong, if just havent completed the steps, but 7.11b6 didn't seem to do anything. I DL it to another computer and copied it to the mini via a flash drive. ran script, clicked on install and nothing seems to happen. DLed again right to mini, ran script and same thing, nothing happened.

Typing on mini now, just re-installed 10.5 on freshly re-partitioned 32g drive (again). Rebooted from 7.7 disc, and then tried to run 7.11b6 Miniscript.

Am I missing something? Am I supposed to use the 11 in conjunction with 7.7?

I'm confused now.
MiniScript 7.11 beta 6 should at least present you with the window "Are you sure you want to install..." when you click on install. if it does not then it must be because you have not selected to perform a Type11 EFI/Bootloader install (1st option in the window).

Let me know if it is not the case as it might be a bug in the code specific to your situation.

Dell Mini 9
OS X 10.5.6
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Default Re: AppleScript error with MiniScript 7.9 - 01-28-2009, 07:00 PM

Ok, so I reinstalled with the 10.5 Leopard disk. Ran the MiniScript from the v7.7 ISO I burned. Restarted ran About this Mac. DLed the 10.5.6 combo update. Updated to 10.5.6. Used Disk Util to repair everything. Got sleep working. Updated everything else via software update. Disk Util repair again.

Now everything seems to be working flawlessly.

Copied "Install.dmg" to desktop, so I can mount the "Installer" image to the desktop. I can run the MiniScript from the installer image no problem.

When I try to run the 7.11b6 MiniScript, nothing happens.

I open MiniScript, "Install Type11 EFI/Bootloader" and "Generate a new DSDT.aml" are checked and grayed out.

Every other install option is available and Keyboard, remote CD and Hibernate/sleep are check when I open the MiniScript.

"disk0" is in the Disk to install window when I open MiniScript.

When I click on the "install" button, it blinks blue, because it was pushed, and nothing happens.

Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to uninstall something from my v7.7 MiniScript install to get the new one working?

Hope the info I gave helps.

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Default Re: AppleScript error with MiniScript 7.9 - 02-10-2009, 10:05 AM

I had this issue and fixed it see my Type11 v7.9 ISO Post
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