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Default 10-03-2011, 02:58 AM

Originally Posted by Taichigirl View Post
Doesn't seem to be enough. I formatted the flash drive as MacOS Extended Journaled (partition map MBR), then restored from the NBI_084RC1.img file to the flash drive.

Then I tried to boot via USB with the NBI_084RC1 flash drive in the USB slot nearest the power cord plus the OXDVD flash drive in the next one. (I went ahead and remade the OXDVD drive from scratch.) Netbook responds that it can't find an operating system.

Mechdrew's NetbookInstaller 2 Guide has related information for preparation under Tiger. It recommends making the NBI flash drive using Terminal, but the instructions there are not working for me - I'm not getting the image file written to the drive.
i believe you would get other issues. specifically, you might come up with an error stating something like "can't patch 64-bit kernel."

this error may be due to the slight difference in the usb's format. doing it in the windows environment yields a different format other than Mac OS X extended (journaled), can't think of it off hand; but the method i linked to uses that particular format, so the NBI, might look for it specifically as well.

I agree w/ the post suggesting you find a friend with a machine running OS X 10.6.x; that would be the easiest solution. but following my guide, as linked to on my earlier reply will work just fine as well, and really, it's less painful than you might think.

also, once you've gotten 10.6.3 on your mini, you can use it to create a new install USB, if you'd like to keep a back up, this would eliminate the need for the second key containing the NBI.


so i just thought of something else. it occurs to me that i have multiple versions of OS X on my mac Pro. reason being i have a couple of pieces of software that refused to run under the latest release, so i had to revert.

point being; you can upgrade one of your 'real macs' to 10.6.3 by using external USB drive; run 10.6.3 off of that drive to prep your flash-drive for the mini. (it does feel rather cumbersome to even consider this, but if all else fails, it is an option)

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Default Success! - 10-04-2011, 12:24 AM

Thanks for all the suggestions. I was able to use TransMac to to make the NBI 0.8.4RC1 USB drive, and it works OK to boot into the 10.6.3 USB installer on my Mini 9.

Next step will be to try installing onto the Mini 10v.

Note: Since the Restore command didn't work to make a good NBI 0.8.4RC1 boot drive from the image, there must be something in the image that restore didn't catch. Too bad I couldn't get Terminal to work.

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