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Default Trouble Accessing Macintosh HD - 05-25-2011, 03:30 AM

Hey all,

It was hard to name this thread because my problems have just multiplied and every time I take a step forward it seems like i'm moving backwards.

Anyway, I messed something up and ended up with a message "Hibernation image too old by XXX Seconds" at boot, and it would hang for hours. I searched around and tried many things, including different boot tags and reloading my install drive with NBI, but the latest NBBM was much older than the latest NBI I used for 10.6.7, so that left me no where. Somewhere along the line, the error upon startup changed to "incorrect image signature".

Most recently, through searching, it seems that the best thing for me to try is deleting my sleepimage (/var/vm/sleepimage). This seemed easy enough, but I havent seemed to be able to do so.

First I tried booting from my install drive and using terminal, but it gave me a 'read-only file system' error. Sudo had no effect, I assume because I'm not actually logged in (i'm a bit of a Unix novice).

Then I tried Parted Magic, but I get the same 'read-only' error through both the GUI and the built in terminal.

I feel "so close but so far away" with this.

tl;dr- how can i access my hard drive without actually booting, without receiving a "read-only file system" error?

Any ideas?

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Default 05-25-2011, 04:30 AM

Problems with hibernation image should not prevent regular booting. I think there is another problem with your HD. You might try:
1. Boot from install drive
2. umount your HD. "diskutil list" will help with disk id and you can umount using diskutil as well
3. fsck_hfs your HD. I would recommend to man fsck_hfs first since it is not unix fsck

Good luck!

Mini 10v, BIOS A06, OS X 10.6.6, Linux-Mint, 1 GB RAM, 250 GB HDD
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Default 05-25-2011, 04:57 AM

wow, it seems i'm in a bit deeper than I thought.

thank your for your quick and helpful response.

I booted from my install drive again and (for some odd reason the trackpad/keyboard didnt work....things just keep breaking for seemingly no reason, but once i fetched a mouse...) went to Disk Utility, unmounted my Mini HD, and tried First Aid->Repair did it's thing for a minute or two, popped a couple errors, and eventually said that it can't repair my disk, suggesting I try to recover my data and start over.

Is this the end of the road for me? Would I have better luck with fsck_hfs in terminal?

thanks again for your help
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