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Default I have a DELL MINI 10v running 10.6 perfectly but now what??? - 04-16-2011, 06:57 PM

i have a mac (real one) and love it, also have an ipad, iphone 4, ipod etc (fan boy ). but i want to start using my dell mini 10v more often.

im currently on 10.6 on the 10v and it runs really well. i even treated it to a bluetooth module and all is sweet.
the thing is, i think it would be pretty sweet having the mac app store on it, just so i can download more applications and use it more productively.

problem. last time i tried to update, i completely screwed it up and it took me months to get it working again. i had to format the hdd and everything. was a real pain. but back then i didnt own a mac so i used the windows way to update.

so what im basically asking is, how easy do you think the update is and how would i go about doing it and is it worth the update or just sticking as i am knowing everything works

oh and while im here, is there any shortcuts or anyway of viewing large windows on such a small screen? such as garage band etc. some of them go off the screen (too large to fit)

thanks in advance
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Default 05-03-2011, 05:52 PM

What I did was run NetbookInstaller, run 10.6.7 combo update, run NetbookInstaller again, reboot, run NetbookInstaller. Worked for me.

As for dealing with windows that are too big for the screen, as posted a few times on the forum here you can run this in the terminal:

defaults write -g AppleDisplayScaleFactor 0.8
Which will scale your windows down, virtually increasing your resolution, allowing you to deal with programs which put dialog boxes and such out of reach beyond the bottom of the screen (I'm looking at you, Office 2011).

You can then run the same command with a value of 1 to return to normal scale.
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Default 05-10-2011, 07:30 PM

There's also an app around here that you run that changes the display scaling, it has two options: 80% and 100%

I use it for those apps that don't fit on the small screen. (although I'm getting a crash with MS Office 2011 when you try to exit the app when the screen is scaled)

I just updated my 10v from 10.6.4 and re-ihnstalled on my 9 from 10.6.0 with the combo update and all is well. The latest NBI 0.8.4 (with a bunch of numbers on the end) is what you need. The 0.8.5pre pages say not to use it to upgrade, so I didn't)

Oh, and I didn't run NBI after the install of the combo on the 10v, rebooted, let NBI do its magic and all was well.

Mini10v: Black, 2GB RAM, 160GHD 10.6.7/Windows 7 Dual-boot, NBI 0.8.4
Mini9: Black, 2GB RAM, 32GSSD, 10.6.7 NBI 0.8.5pre
MacBook Pro:15" Aluminum, 5GB RAM, 640GBHD, 10.6.7
iMac: 20" White 3GB RAM, 750GBHD, 10.6.7
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