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Thumbs up Success at last! - 11-01-2010, 07:44 PM

Thanks to the community. It takes a village to have a village idiot. I ended up having to use a combination of tricks I found in various posts to do it without a Mac. Here's what I did.

Bought a pink Dell Mini 10v. It was $40 more, I think, but $5 of that went to the Susan G. Komen Foundation and I am in favor of helping. (I bought this over a year ago for this project alone. I'm going to start going to procrastinators anonymous. tomorrow.)

Bought the Mac OS X 10.6.3 DVD (Saturday)

Grabbed a 16GB flash drive (MicroCenter store brand, $22.99. The only upshot of putting off IT projects)

Grabbed a 4GB Flash drive I was using for a class.

I ended up imaging the OSX 10.6.3 DVD with imgburn on Windows 7, downloaded NBI_084RC1.img, win32diskimager 0.2 r23, and dd.

I used win32diskimager to write NBI to the 4GB drive, then I used dd to write the install dvd image to the 16GB disk. This was after multiple attempts at various combinations. Neither version of win32diskimager resulted in a good copy of the install dvd, and dd wouldn't write a bootable NBI. I even tried using PartEdMagic to boot and replace the kernel on the install dvd image drive. In each case, either NBI wouldn't boot, or the install DVD took a poo. The starts aligned with the last attempt.

Then I let the updates for 10.6.4 install (oops) and blew up on the CPU power management kext. Reinstalled, found the pre-10.6.4 NBI and ran it. Ran the 10.6.4 updates, tweaked the trackpad driver (who ever did that, send me your snail mail addy, you are officially on my Christmas card list!)

Now I think I'll install the memory upgrade, or try to find somebody to do it. I have mastered the art of screwing up little ribbon cables and this isn't the project I want to try to practice on. I've done it successfully (new battery and 8GB CF HDD in an G1 iPod mini) more than once, but try to work within the realm of my limitations.

SO thanks, and just a few questions:

Anything else I should think of doing while it's gutted for the RAM upgrade?
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Default 11-03-2010, 05:28 AM

Of course, it wasn't until AFTER the install that I noticed my BIOS version was A00. I had to make a live Windows boot thumb drive with the new Flash to update the BIOS. So much for measure twice, cut once.
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10v, 10v 10.6.4 update, success

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