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Default HowTo: Dual boot Windows and Mac OS on GUID (Need Grub Help) - 01-11-2009, 01:07 AM

So, This weekend the beta of Windows 7 came out. I started to try and get the os to dual boot on GUID and got it to work. But, i can not get a unified bootloader. In this guide is how to get the os's installed, but no unified bootloader. you can use any version of windows with this. i used windows 7.

Mac OS Installer DVD
Windows OS
Type 11 Boot Disk
32 Gb or larger drive

1. Put your Type11 boot132 into your DVD drive and also plug in your USB HDD and power up. When you get to the boot prompt swap it out for the Leopard Install DVD. Choose option 9f to boot from the DVD.
2. Go into disk utility
3. This part is tricky. What we ard doing here is telling the os to make 4 partition areas. Disk utility makes the 4th Partition an MBR partition, so windows can install on it . So first, select the drive and then select partiton. when you do this make 2 partitions. the last one needs to be at least 13 gb for windows 7 or vista, and at least 6 for XP, and the first needs to be at least 10. Then, select GUID partiton style. Format the First partition as HFS+ and make the second partiton free space. what this does is make an empty place to add a partition later. then hit format. when it is done, you will see some grey space at the end of the drive. this is good
4. next, hit the plus in the left hand corner and it will add a new partition. then format that as Fat-32 and label it bootcamp then hit continue. when you do this, there will be 128 mb of free space between the leopard partition and the Windows partition. this is good, because we can use that space for Grub when i figure that out.
5. Go through the mac install selecting the options you want. when it is done, DO NOT use the type 11 disk to boot the install yet. insted, put the windows disk and start from that. when you get to the point where you select the disk, delete the partition labeled bootcampt and partition the free space. then go through the install and boot windows.
6. at this point, you can boot the mac install and run the type 11. after this point, you will only be able to boot mac unless you change the active partition.

If you can boot from an ubuntu live cd, it will see the 128 mb free space and you can make a partition out of it. When you can get grub onto this partition, you can edit the config to set up the dual boot. Any Help would be helpful :lol:

Black Mini 9 Dual Boot XP and Win7 build 7022 with 32gb Runcore
Asus P5B/7600GT/E6600/Sonata 2/Windows 7 build 7022
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Unhappy Re: Ho To: Dual boot Windows and Mac OS on GUID (Need Grub Help) - 01-25-2009, 08:48 AM

Hello, did you succeed installing macosx and XP such a way?
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Default Re: HowTo: Dual boot Windows and Mac OS on GUID (Need Grub Help) - 04-08-2009, 08:26 AM

I am following your tips:

you mentation there are 4 partitions, but I can see only 3. Can you explain it? and I want to known how the mbr get created, and how is the final step of doing the grub things.

during install of xp (I use the oem disk from dell), it got a hal.dll missing after reboot. How can I get pass it?

Your method was very clever, but I am not quite understand it.

Thank you.
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