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Default Re: SpeedStep/Wireless speeds with Type 11/10.5.6 install? - 02-22-2009, 05:17 AM

Originally Posted by YellowBullet
I think that something is DEFINITELY wrong with the speedstep/power management on the Mini 9 with OSX.

I have both a Mini 9 and a Lenovo S10, both with OSX 10.5.6 installed.

With the Mini, I get 3 hours of battery life, regardless what I do with it. It could be showing a h.264 video (very CPU intensive), or just sitting there completely idle, the battery will run out in 3 hours flat in both cases.

With the Lenovo, I get about 3.5 hours if browsing the web at half brightness, or less than 2 hours playing a h.264 movie.

So something is definitely not working right with the Mini.
This is not a bug with apple, but a bug from dell / dsdt / the custom kexts.

You can in fact run the mini 9 for well over 3 hours (I get about 3:30 on wifi with almost full brightness)
The problem is two fold.
The dsdt bugs:
1) The dsdt reports an incorrect voltage (11.1v vs 14.8)
2) reports that it is providing power readings in mAh, while it really is providing them in mWh.
The Battery kext Makes a ton of assumptions that are very wrong
1) Allways assumes the bios reports in mAh (although it checks to see what it is reports, it then will always assume mAh).
2) the kext does not handel power units correctly, even if the power unit were not forced to be mAh.
3) Assumes stuff about the discharge rate

Due to the bugs above, the kext will ALWAYS report 3 hours of battery life when you first dissconect the ac adapter. After three hours, itll be stuck at 0% for a while...

I'm working on fixing these bug and should have then fixed within the week (assuming im not too busy).

Dell Mini 9 | Mac OS X 10.6.5 | 2 GB RAM | 32 GB Buffalo SSD | BIOS A05
Dell Mini 10v | Mac OS X 10.6.5 | 1 GB RAM | 160 GB HDD | BIOS A06
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Default Re: SpeedStep/Wireless speeds with Type 11/10.5.6 install? - 02-22-2009, 01:01 PM

I am looking forward to this release. Again, thank you for your great contribution!

Dell Mini 9
OS X 10.5.6
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